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weekend home retreat: day 3 – SUNDAY

Nikki Yazxhi


Here’s day three of our home re-treat guide – by tomorrow you’ll be re-vitalised, re-energised and re-focused…

weekend retreat sunday


8:30am WAKE-UP… and hit the shower. Add a few drops of rose and geranium to the bottom of the shower and inhale to gently balance out your energy levels, re-fresh and revitalise.

9.30am BREKKIE FIX… Morning is a great time to eat lean protein – it can trigger the release of energizing brain chemicals that help fight the late-morning slumps. Save carbs for dinner – they help produce the calming chemical serotonin which can make you sleepy. CLICK HERE for some inspiration

10.30am RELAX… and read the papers – that’s what Sunday is all about!

12:30pm POWER LUNCH… What you eat for lunch can affect your mid-afternoon energy levels. Try to eat more protein and fewer carbs to avoid the mid-afternoon slumps.

2:30pm GO WALKABOUT… Walking is amazingly effective exercise. Find a scenic route and walk at a moderate pace for a half an hour.

4pm SNACK ATTACK… Snacking is healthy – having a small snack like an apple with 2 tablespoons of peanut butter – at least three hours before dinner can help you stop over-eating. When you eat small amounts often, you actually eat less and feel a lot calmer.

4.30pm VISUALISE… what you would like to happen this week, this month, this year. Whatever you visualise just might happen. This is so much more true when you actively ‘imaginate’ things into existence. By visualising what you want, you’re actually rehearsing its existence by preparing the ground for its arrival.

7pm TREAT EAT… Depriving yourself of what you like, just sets yourself up for over-indulging. Eat your favourite dish for dinner, just remember not to go overboard. If you’re having dessert, share it with someone you love.

9.30-10pm SWEET DREAMS… Practice the CAT ARCH yoga move to help you drift off into dreamland.

Have an amazing week! ny x

{Pic: Porter Magazine}


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