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by bM tech-girl contributor Frederique Bros

Before you start: Make time and take your time – decluttering properly a computer takes time and commitment – so set your goals. For example do it during a weekend, a holiday or schedule an hour per day for a week.
Now you’re ready, here are 10 of my easy and efficient tips to spring clean your computer:
1. Clean Up Your Old Emails: I’m a natural tosser and I don’t get sentimental about keeping emails. To keep my mail tidy delete old emails every three or four months.
2. Create Email folders and Sub Folders: Follow the same system as you do to organise your computer documents by creating main folders for each task, client, or company and sub folders within them. For example – I have a main folder for ‘Clients’ and a sub folder per company.
3. Create A Separate Folder For Your Personal Emails: Don’t mix business with your personal stuff – this applies to your work of course but also for your home.
4. Delete The Emails You Sent: I delete emails I send after each end of month – last month I deleted 811 emails! This is a good tip to clean up the computer’s memory.
5. Delete Emails With Attachments: Emails with attachments will ruin your computer’s memory – keep the ones that are important or place them in one of your folder and delete the others.
6. Empty Your Junk And Trash: Delete your trash and junk emails every day – your computer will love you for doing it!
7. Delete Email Signatures That You Don’t Use: If you have multiple email addresses, clean up the email signatures you don’t use anymore.
8. Don’t Print Emails: One more thing, please save the environment by not printing emails – an email is digital and should stay that way, plus it will allow you to avoid mess on your desk – just saying.
9. Clean Your Internet Browser: Internet is not exception for keeping/having a clean computer. First, clear the browsing data also call History (but not the passwords if you are using a personal computer) but a must do if you are using a public computer.
10. Create A Bookmarking System: Place in the main tab websites you are using everyday (the top one) and create folders for each category for the others. For example, have a shopping folder for your favourite shopping online websites you’ve bookmarked.

+ don’t forget to regularly:
Clean Your Keyboard: Studies done at the University of Arizona, Tucson, have found the spread of contaminants through office buildings, hotels, and healthcare facilities, proving bugs can spread from the front door to your space bar in just two hours. Thankfully, common disinfectants were between 80 and 99% effective at stopping them — so get wiping. And don’t forget to disinfect your mouse, too.
Scrub Your Screen: You stare at your computer screen when it’s on, so you can’t see all the dirt and grime. But power that display down, and a petri dish will appear before your eyes. To CLEAN IT, all you need is a microfibre cloth and some simple cleaning solution. Make sure your display is powered off {if it’s your laptop, power the whole machine down}, and don’t forget to clean your touchpad too.

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