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5 insider health tips TO ACHIEVE LIFE BALANCE

Scott Gooding

shares his top 5 tips for achieving life balance from his new online health program Reconditioned.Me

Here are Scott’s no-nonsense ways to realistically achieve health / life balance…

1. Detach from the notion exercise is the solution to health. The biggest lever to health is nutrition; exercise (with the correct prescription) is simply the cherry on top. With this in mind, you can rid yourself of the guilt and shame of missing a session, or a week. If that time and energy was redirected to shopping for and cooking delicious real food you’ll be no worse off for it.

2. Work the kitchen muscle. In many ways we have lost touch with cooking and it being the focal point of our day, family and community. If cooking at home conjures up fear and resistance then it’s just a ‘muscle’ we have to work in order to change the narrative. There are plenty of tips to encourage you back in the kitchen on www.reconditoned.me . It’s my opinion that cooking at home with real food is the lever to help us out of the health epidemic seen in the western world.

3. Make veggies the hero! Ensuring your plate is a celebration of veggies, in particular above ground veggies, will go a long way to amplifying your health. That’s not to say you can’t eat animal produce, if that’s your preference,but treat that as the condiment to the veggies.

4. Real food is rich in the correct ‘information’ needed to plug into our biochemistry. When we strip it all back we are nothing more than a melting point of biochemistry and enzymatic reactions. If your diet is rich in real food you’ll be supplying your physiology with the means to thrive optimally both physically and cognitively. Real food should make the foundation of your health framework.

5. Meditation practice. Regular meditation will help with compassion for yourself and others. It’ll help to suppress the sympathetic nervous system and in time will improve neural plasticity. If you’re new to meditation try one minute a day and increase in 20 secs increments a day. The act of mindfulness is the gold, not necessarily the end point.

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Scott’s 8 week online program aimed to amplify health is NOW LIVE – it includes meal plans, workouts, nutritional guidance + mindset coaching.

Join the crew at www.reconditioned.me

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