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make-up class: making-over YOUR MAKE-UP

Nikki Yazxhi

making over your makeup


here’s how to break those habits and get a fresh new look…

MASK-LIKE FOUNDATION: The foundation that once promised to conceal a multitude of skin sins, now actually highlights them – switch to a light-reflecting foundation to hide shadows and lines and create a two-dimensional glow.
CAKEY CONCEALER: Skin gets drier as we get older, and so will your much-loved concealer – switch to new formulations that are now almost invisible or pat on foundation to cover imperfections.
EYELINER OVERLOAD: Lining inside the eyes does not make them appear bigger, it does the opposite. Switch from using pencil to using shadow – and from black to brown – smudge shadow along the outside of the lashline to elongate eyes and make them appear bigger. When using liquid liner for a cat-eye effect, use along the top lashline only and don’t over-extend the line.
DARK LIPLINER: Match your lipliner to your lips, not your lipstick and never go darker – it makes your mouth look smaller, cuts out the pout and ages you.
OVER-PLUCKED EYEBROWS: Oh yeah, thin eyebrows can make you look much older than you are. Stay tuned for tips on how to ‘grow’ your eyebrows back!
{Pic: byrdie}


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