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so you think you DON’T HAVE TIME TO MEDITATE?

Marcus Hamill

It seems a lot of people think they don’t have time to meditate. If you think ‘life is simply too busy to do something as unproductive as sitting and closing your eyes’, there is the perfect reason why you should find the time to meditate…

There’s an old Zen proverb that says ‘if you don’t have time to meditate for 20 minutes then you should meditate for 1 hour’. Irony aside, there’s a lot of wisdom in this. Meditation is the perfect remedy for the stress of modern living. If we feel so overwhelmed and short of time that we can’t conceive of finding a small window to meditate, then we absolutely must make time.

Saying we don’t have time to meditate is like saying we don’t have time to fill up the car before going on a long road trip. Meditation calms the mind and creates space for us to live a more creative, productive, expansive and joyful life. What could be more important than that?

Far from stealing time from us, meditation actually gives us time. When we train our mind to connect deeply with the present moment we begin to realise this moment is all there ever is. The more present we become to this moment, the more the moment seems to expand. How can we run out of time when this present moment, whilst constantly transforming, actually never ends? We say we don’t have any time, when in fact, time is all we truly have. How we choose to use it is up to us.

So rather than making life a race to the finish line, why not choose to slow down a little and connect to life in the only place where it actually exists… here and now. In this simple choice we begin to live life rather than think about it.

– Marcus

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