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Marcus Hamill

I CAN’T TELL YOU THE NUMBER OF TIMES SOMEONE TELLS ME THAT SURFING, RUNNING, ROCK CLIMBING, SLACK-LINING, MUSIC ETC. IS THEIR MEDITATION. While these types of activities can certainly lead to flow states that snap us momentarily out of our incessant thinking and into present moment awareness, saying ‘they are my meditation’ is like saying ‘lying on the lounge watching Netflix is my sleep’. Here’s why…

When we meditate we begin to master the mind and create a platform from which present moment awareness becomes our natural state, not something that we only experience in rare moments of flow practising a particular activity.

Given that the present moment is, in fact, the only place that life ever actually exists (past and future are concepts of the mind only), mindfulness is essential if we intend on living life, rather than thinking about life.

Why constrain the heightened experience of present moment awareness to a particular set of circumstances? Commit to daily meditation practice and make mindfulness your normal state of being.

You’ll find life becomes a whole lot more joyful.

– Marcus

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