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Nikki Yazxhi

The Duchess Of Sussex’s daily mantra is: “I am enough.”

A few years ago, Meghan penned an essay for her lifestyle website The Tig {which has since been shut down, along with her instagram and other social media #royalprotocol} about a wake up call she received in her early 20s…

She was at a casting call and the casting director interrupted her audition to give her a valuable piece of life advice.

Meghan wrote about it on her site:

“I was breathless. No one had ever seen it, or perhaps no one had ever called me out, but there in that small box of a room in Burbank, this woman I had never met saw me. My gut reaction was to smile. To smile hard. Maybe that would keep the tears tucked behind my draping eyes.

It wouldn’t have mattered if I cried, because she saw me. She saw all that self-doubt beaming through the self-tanner and excessive blush. ‘You need to know that you’re enough,’ she said. ‘Less makeup, more Meghan.’ She went on to say that I was like a ‘shrinking violet,’ wilted joy and energy and exuberance behind this shroud of insecurity. You couldn’t pay for a therapy session this good.

And that moment, for me, was a wake-up call.”

{And how that advice has worked for her!!!}

{Pics: Vanity Fair}


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