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summer workout


by our health & fitness contributor, Key Son

Before starting any fitness program, consult your physician for medical clearance to exercise. 

When the weather is warmer, the biggest trend is exercising outdoors. This can be done through cardiovascular work such as walking or running along the pier or taking a group exercise class outdoors. It is a way to include fitness into your week and enjoy the nice weather.

To get started, include the following into your fitness program:

1. SET A FITNESS GOAL: The fitness goal should be specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, and within a specified period of time. For example, a fitness goal would be to decrease 2-3 lbs. in 2-3 weeks. Keep the goal at the high end of your potential and reward yourself for your progress. To decrease 1lb. in 1 week, you will have to utilise 3500 calories by energy expenditure through exercise and a decrease in calories through proper nutrition. This is 500 calories a day through working out and modifying nutrition.

2. GET THE GEAR: This will include comfortable workout clothes and proper sneakers, and exercise equipment such as resistance bands and a mat or join a gym. Also, prepare a workout playlist with music to exercise by.

3. CREATE A PLAN: Find a fitness professional to make an initial assessment and set up a fitness program for you. Make sure they’re certified and have experience with the type of exercise modality you want and that they are in line with your goals and how you want to look.

The plan should include:
1. Core Stabilization Training to build the foundation for all movement and put your body into proper alignment for exercise such as crunches for abs.

2. Cardiovascular Training such as walking or running.

3. Flexibility Training such as static stretches or active flexibility.

4. Strength Training in a format such as circuit training.
Circuit training consists of a series of exercises one after the other with minimal rest. It is as beneficial as doing an hr of cardio and has a high EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption so calories are utilized even after the workout session is completed.

Strength training exercises should include:
* Level change of the center of gravity such as modified lunge or single leg squat for toning legs.
*Press and Pull movements such as band press or band row for upperbody.
*Rotational movements such as PNF or band rotations for internal and external obliques.

4. CREATE A DIETARY PROGRAM: It should include:
* Monitoring your food intake for 1 week in terms of serving size and calories to gain insight into what you are eating.
* Staying hydrated. Drink plenty of water up to 9-10 cups a day.
* Having 4-6 small meals through the day. A green apple as a snack counts as a meal.
* Decreasing highly processed foods and reduce intake of refined sugars. Keep the overall fat intake to less than 10% of the total caloric intake.
* Choosing foods high in fiber such as vegetables as sources of carbohydrates.
* Consulting a nutritionist for a specific plan.

AND STAY TUNED… we’ll will be posting Key’s easy-to-follow exercises, over the next couple of weeks, to help you become as strong and fit as you can be!

Key Son | health & fitness contributor at bellaMUMMA.com

CLICK HERE for more info on Key Son {pictured above, on the left, directing a photo shoot!}


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