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visited & loved: W LOS ANGELES – WESTWOOD

Nikki Yazxhi

w los angeles



Everyone has to experience ‘W’ at some stage in their life. Famous for ‘Whatever you want, whenever you want it. We’ll take care of it. No problem.’ – they certainly live up to it! And after shopping Sundet,visiting Universal Studios, Disneyland {in heatwave conditions} and the The Lego Store with the boys – we took full advantage of what ‘whatever/whenever’ – and they delivered! We just loved it…

Here’s a visual tour of W Los Angeles – Westwood…

Seriously ‘celeb/star’ cool… here’s a little more on how we rate the W- Los Angeles Westwood:

THE LOCALITY RATING: Okay Los Angeles is a spread out city but getting around from W – Westwood, wasn’t too bad. We took full advantage of Uber while we were there.
THE MARGARITA RATING: So so good, by the pool, in the cabanas – absolute HEAVEN! Accompanied by a Club Sandwich, even better.
THE VIBE RATING: This is a seriously cool hotel for the seriously cool crew. Chances are you’ve seen in on your favourite TV show, everyone films there, including one of our faves Entourage. There was a famous boy band staying there while we were there – and a PS4 game launch!
THE KID-FACTOR RATING: Even though this wasn’t really a ‘kid’ hotel, the boys were totally welcomed and looked after. They especially loved the W Gummy Bears.
These would have to be among THE best toiletries. From Bliss Spa {which is also in the hotel, which BTW, you can enjoy a movie-while-you-manicure} – the shampoo, conditioner and body lotion were amazing! I even purchased full-sized ones at the airport, they were so good!
THE PILLOW RATING: These pillows were 5 star – and you know how fussy I am when it comes to pillows!
THE CONCIERGE RATING: Two words… whatever, whenever!


We all still talk about how awesome W – Los Angeles was – and so so wish we were back there! One day, one day, we will go back! {And Bob, you’re THE BEST! We miss you too!!!}

FOR MORE INFO and TO MAKE A BOOKING, visit www.wlosangeles.com

and connect with them here:
facebook: facebook.com/wlosangeles
twitter: twitter.com/wlosangeles
instagram: instagram.com/wlosangeles


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