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#lifelessons: 15 priceless {totally FREE} gifts to GIVE YOURSELF

Nikki Yazxhi

15 priceless {totally FREE} gifts to GIVE YOURSELF


so boost your self-love and gift yourself one or two of the following:

1. The freedom to be unapologetically YOU.  Faking it is fatiguing. It’s much wiser to just be yourself – faults and all. Remember, imperfection is beauty; madness is genius. It is better to be ridiculously you, than ridiculously boring by trying to be the same as everyone else.

2. An uninhibited imagination. Life is changing faster and faster with every passing day. The world tomorrow looks nothing like the world today. And the people with big imaginations are the ones not just living it, they are creating it.

3. An open mind. Everyone you will ever meet knows something you don’t; everyone can teach you something new. The purpose of keeping an open mind isn’t just to change your mind, it’s to expand your mind to understand the true potential in each moment of your life.

4. The commitment to fail forward. Failing is as certain as sunsets and detours. So why exert energy avoiding the unavoidable? Embrace it. Get real comfortable with that uneasy feeling of going against the grain and trying something new. Doing so will always take you to places you never thought you could go.

5. Using encouraging words. Words are powerful. They can create or they can destroy. The simple words you choose, especially when you speak to yourself or about yourself, can offer encouragement and positive thoughts, or they can send you further into despair. Choose your words wisely.

6. A ‘glass’ filled with the right things. It’s not just whether your glass is half-empty or half-full that matters. It’s what you’re filling your glass with. Be sure to fill it with those things that satisfy your soul: good friends and family to love, passions to pursue, dreams to fulfill, and charity for others.

7. Enjoying what you have. Don’t spoil what you have by desiring what you have not. Enjoy your blessings right now. Remember that what you now have was once among the things you only hoped for. Celebrate this. Work on being so appreciative and happy that when others look at you, they become a little happier too.

8. Lifelong learning. You are simply the product of what you know, so develop a passion for acquiring knowledge. It begins in the heart and home. Read for pleasure, ask questions, analyse, and exploit your curiosities. In other words, learn to actually love the act of learning.

9. Hope. Remember, it’s always darkest just before the dawn. Your troubles may be too dense and dark right now for you to see the light, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a strong spirit within them, or a beautiful sunrise just beyond the horizon.

10. Spirituality. Faith elevates your view of the universe, your world, and your life. You are also made of heart, soul, and will. And decisions in your life should be based on more than just what everyone else is doing on the outside.

11. Stability and love at home. A stable home becomes the foundation on which you build the rest of your success. Subconsciously we all need to know we have a family core who we can trust, and who is going to be there for us through thick and thin.

12. A positive temper. Take a slow, deep breath, and remind yourself of how much more effective you can be by maintaining a positive approach. Take note of your anger, let it go, redirect your focus on being your best self, and you’ll surely emerge with a smile.

13. A sense of humour is a major defense against minor troubles – something life is filled with. So laugh as often as you can with those around you, for your sake and theirs.

14. Doing the best you are capable of. Don’t complain about something you can actually do something about. Take action. Do the best that you’re capable of. Those who get the most from life are those who give the most. Find something you’re passionate about, and keep  interested in it and focused on it.

15. Being the change you want to see. Happiness, freedom, and peace of mind are always attained by giving them without expectation. Happiness becomes yours when you live it. Everything you need you are already capable of being. So smile from the heart and fulfill the destiny that is yours.

{Source: Marc and Angel Pic: Impossibly Blonde}


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