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every aspect is just amazing and this post won’t do it justice – it is so much more spectacular in real life

You probably thought from my previous post about Jamala Wildlife Lodge that it would be a really cool place to visit? Well, multiply that thought x 10 {at the very least}! Jamala is a very special place… the people, the animals, the accommodation, the zoo, the food, the experience = AMAZING!

We stayed in the Bungalow ‘Bear’ Room and when we opened the door, the first thing we saw {literally} took our breathe away… there just outside our re-enforced glass windows was Darkle the Brown Bear. She was huge, gorgeous, so gentle and very surreal. She just did her own thing. The bungalow was connected to her huge enclosure, so she just came and went as she pleased. A true pinch-yourself experience. Our dinner was just as mind-blowing. While we ate our chef-cooked African inspired feast, two of the most magnificent lions snoozed behind the double-glazed glass! Again,it was breathtaking, majestic and surreal to see these huge wild animals up so close… {We will definitely be visiting Jamala again!}

Here are some photos {and video above} to try to show you the bungalow, Darkle and our dining experience, but they really don’t do the ‘real thing’ justice:

Just to recap: When you stay at Jamala Wildlife Lodge you experience close encounters with some of the world’s most dangerous and endangered animals, including a Bengal tiger, brown bears, a Malayan sun bear, lions, cheetahs, giraffes, black and white colobus monkeys, ring-tailed lemurs, hyenas, snow leopards, rhinos, exotic fish and a shark. {For this reason, the experience is not recommended for kids under the age of six – for their safety and the safety of the animals.}

Here’s a little more about how we rated our stay:

THE LOCALITY RATING: You’re very close to Canberra, not that you need to leave Jamala once you’re there – everything is provided!

THE DRINK/FOOD RATING: We arrived for Afternoon Tea {10/10}, had pre-dinner bubbles {10/10}, dinner was 5-star, – and breakfast the next morning, perfect!

THE VIBE RATING: Professional, friendly, relaxed, informative – nothing is a problem, and everything has been thought of. The attention to detail, very very impressive!

THE KID-FACTOR RATING: Mr 12 {huge lion fan} and Mr 9 {huge bear fan} were beside themselves. We had Darkle the Brown Bear just outside our bungalow, and we had dinner with two of the most pristine lions, Jake and Mischa. The boys did not want to leave!

TOILETRY RATING: Loves the Motlten Brown toiletries, great sizes, great products. You don’t really need to pack anything in this department when you go.

THE BED RATING: Super-comfy pillows, crisp white sheets, mosquito nets {+ electric blankets when it’s Canberra-cold} = perfect night’s sleep. The boys slept on a sofa bed, which was all made up for when we got back to the room after dinner – and they were very happy.

FYI: Jamala is all about the welfare and comfort of the animals. N.Z.A.C.T, {a volunteer organisation} and PACT {Positive Actions Conservation Team} work with the National Zoo & Aquarium to help develop programs for species that are held in captivity and that are critically endangered in the wild. This is done through breeding programs and educating zoo and Jamala visitors about the world and the part that these animals play. Jamala also uses their funds to help the zoo to continue to grow and support its breeding programs. You see this come into play when you visit. {You visiting the National Zoo also helps this too!}

For more information and booking details, visit www.jamalawildlifelodge.com.au
+ you can connect with them here
facebook: facebook.com/jamalawildlifelodge
twitter: twitter.com/jamala_lodge
youtube: youtube.com/user/kimba1998
instagram: instagram.com/nationalzoo/


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