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checking emails, making breakfast, lunches, getting the washing on ~ and brushing your hair {if you’re lucky}…

The craziness and the rushing, has to stop. Adding intention into your morning routine is in your best interest: It sets the tone for the rest of your day, and may ultimately reflect how productive, happy and calm you’ll be for your following waking hours.
There are several things you can do, without leaving your bed, that’ll ensure a fantastic day ahead. So before you roll out of the comfort of your bed, try these eight rituals below.
1. Don’t reach for that phone. These days, we’re programmed to check our phones for emails and messages the minute that very device goes off to wake us. Innocently checking your inbox first thing may put a damper on the rest of your day: This plays into the idea of starting your first minutes with something selfish and just for you. If you’re checking your email, you’re working to respond to someone else’s needs, without first acknowledging your own. To fix it, buy yourself a good, old-fashioned alarm clock and keep your phone in the other room while you sleep — you won’t be tempted to reach for it.
2. Visualise your wonderful day ahead. Thoughts become things. There is power to visualisation: . Simply picture yourself accomplishing your goals for the day in stride, and you’ll be closer to doing so. For years, athletes have used this trick to see themselves through to the finish line, and there’s no reason you can’t do the same.
3. Just stretch. There is nothing like an enormous arm stretch first thing in the morning, accompanied by a bear-esque yawn. It just feels so good. Even better, greeting the day with a great, big stretch can actually help to wake you up: The act works to increase your flexibility, improves circulation and relieves tension.
4. Take it a little further with some bed-friendly yoga. Yep, you can sneak in some ‘omm’ without rolling out your yoga mat. Your bed is just as perfect to do a few particular moves, like a reclining goddess pose or a forward bend.
5. Mentally list three things for which you’re grateful. One of the greatest things about gratitude, besides the fact that it can boost your mood, increase your energy levels and amplify your resilience – is that you can practice it anywhere. Even if you’re half asleep, your day will benefit from some positive thinking first thing.
6. Practice a bit of meditation. You don’t need to sit for hours surrounded by candles to reap the great benefits of mindfulness meditation. A daily practice of just 15-minutes of meditation has been shown to increase productivity, relieve stress and boost happiness. While you wake, practice being present just where you are.
7. Journal, why don’t you? Whether you decide to write down your dreams from the night before, your goals for the day, or just your scattered thoughts: the physical act of writing with a pen may get your creative juices flowing and actually stimulates a much larger portion of the brain’s thinking and “working memory” regions than typing does. And a little hand-scribbling also might offer a little relief if you’re in the routine of typing on keys all day long.
8. Wake up to your favourite song. That special tune that makes you feel on top of the world? Let it be the soundtrack of day. Listening to the right, happy beat can enhance your emotional state for the entire day!
And after all that, have a great day! : )
{Source: Wildfox}


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