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Teresa Cutter

body shaping plan


Follow her holistic 4-week body shaping plan to look and feel amazing.

WEEK 1: increase the nutrients in your diet

• Cut out refined carbohydrates and replace them with vegetables and fresh fruit instead.

• Focus on filling up your plate with leafy greens, vegetables, fresh fruits and good quality sources of protein. As I’m often on a busy schedule, I take 1 tablespoon of The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood Powder with a glass of chilled water and enjoy as a great start to my morning or just before a workout.

• I also love to stir The Healthy Chef Organic Superfood Powder through yoghurt and serve with it berries or add it to my protein for a simple healthy meal replacement. It’s the ultimate wholefood multivitamin formula containing 30% of your recommended daily fruit and veggie intake! It’s also a super effective way to get nutrients in your body when you’re time poor or always on the run.

• Make sure you’re drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day to detoxify and flush toxins out of your body. Water is vital for life and for all metabolic processes in the body. Try drinking 2 glasses of water before each meal – it will prime your body for fat loss and stops you from retaining excess water.

WEEK 2: ensure you’re getting enough protein

• Continue on Week 1 tips. This should include good quality sources of protein that include fish, organic or grass fed meats, poultry, eggs, yoghurt, nuts, seeds, nut butters, mylks and Healthy Chef Protein as your wholefood sources of protein.

• As a convenient and easily digestible way I get protein, especially when I’m on the run, I use Healthy Chef Pure Native WPI or Organic Pea Protein in a smoothie, and then add frozen berries, almond milk or water, and some ice. A frozen banana can also be added for extra creaminess, and boosters such as Matcha Green Tea can increase fat burning. This type of protein smoothie will improve metabolism, nourish lean muscle, and keep you energised all morning! This is also a meal on its own – I usually swap a main meal of the day for this nourishing liquid meal replacement.

• Replace one meal a day with my Body Shaping Smoothie.

WEEK 3: discover the benefits of organic matcha

• Swap your coffee, milky café beverage or store bought snacks with a cup of metabolism-boosting organic matcha or by making a smoothie bowl or healthy protein balls using this amazing superfood.
• Continue with Week 1 and Week 2 tips.
• Continue to replace one meal a day with my Body Shaping Smoothie {recipe below}.

If matcha isn’t your cup of tea, Genmatcha (Uplifting Zen) is a milder easy drinking green tea that is loaded with health boosting and body shaping benefits. Green tea is rich in polyphenols such as EGCG, the most studied polyphenol compound in green tea. According to Journal of the American College of Nutrition, green tea has a higher total antioxidant capacity than black tea and higher antioxidant activity than vegetables such as garlic, kale, spinach and brussels sprouts.

WEEK 4: prioritise rest, sleep and recovery

• Continue with Week 1, Week 2 and Week 3 tips.
• Continue to replace one meal a day with my Body Shaping Smoothie {recipe below}.
• Stick to water or green tea, such as organic matcha tea, instead of coffee, alcohol or other beverages. If matcha isn’t your cup of tea, Genmatcha (Uplifting Zen) is a milder tasting green tea that is loaded with health boosting and body shaping benefits.

• Focus on balance, rest + recovery. I’m almost always on a busy schedule, but I commit to sticking to unwinding at the end of each day. It’s so important to manage your stress levels because it not only saps your energy and vitality, but it can also hinder your weight loss progress.

• If you simply have no time during the day to take time out, ensure you get enough down time before you sleep. If you have an anxious mind like me, or find it hard to just switch off, I find a warm bath with lavender oil or a cup of Healthy Hot Chocolate helps to promote sleep. This drink is comforting, nourishing and full of magnesium which helps calm the nervous system. Combined with homemade cashew milk, you are getting a good dose of tryptophan, the amino acid which helps to make serotonin – the FEEL GOOD hormone that promotes feelings of wellbeing and happiness.



½ cup strawberries
1 small banana, frozen
1 cup almond milk, macadamia milk, rice milk or water
1 tablespoon Healthy Chef Protein
2 teaspoons Healthy Chef Superfood
1/2 teaspoon Matcha Green Tea
1/2 cup ice

BLEND all the ingredients and enjoy.




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