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Nikki Yazxhi



creator of Anjali Pure Essential Oils, the most divine oils you will ever experience…

Anjali, which means ‘a gift, tribute or an offering’, was born out of an appreciation for all things that appear and smell beautiful. Charmaine has a deep respect for nature and the power found within nature, the medicinal properties of which cannot be ignored. She has experienced first-hand the connection between essential oils and our bodies, with multiple benefits experienced.

These first hand experiences of treating our bodies naturally, built her confidence and created a deep passion to share it with others. As her experience of essential oils grew, so too did her understanding of the importance of “pure” and “organic” oils. Charmaine felt the need to establish her own range of essential oils and carrier oils that she and like-minded people could have complete trust in. Anjali was born…

ANJALI is an Australian Owned and operated company, and as a family we have a deep appreciation for the miracle of these plant based oils in their purest forms. They have sourced, developed and bottled a beautiful range of organic and pure essential oils that are not polluted, unchanged or disturbed with sprays and pesticides.


We chatted to Charmaine to find out more about her driving force…

You, in three words? That’s hard in three words! I would like to say likes to have fun/easy going, happy and positive, my husband may beg to differ sometimes!

What inspires you? Creative people, like-minded people, the area we live in where we see much beauty, and hard working mums who juggle their career/work and being a parent.

What was your first ever job? When I was 15, I worked at a cafe after school at a marina down the road from me in Bayview. I remember really not enjoying making food, working over a hot plate because it made my skin break out and I would go home smelling of grease. But it was good experience for me, my favourite part of that job was serving people and taking their order because I am a real people person. It taught me a sense of responsibility and also a drive to earn and save my own money.

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? I used to play shops with my sister we had a cool little cash register and would play this for hours. So maybe I wanted to be in sales, again anything with people as I am someone who thrives off having company of others.

How did ‘Anjali’ come about? I became a Mum in 2016, and after many months of not working I was craving work and wanted to do something I could balance being a Mum. Prior to this I worked with my sister-in-law ( Rouba Alamein) and her styling business for around 9 years and being in the styling industry I developed a huge love and appreciation for all things aesthetically pleasing. I have always used essential oils because they are aromatically pleasing but I only learnt how to use them properly for all areas of life over the last two years. I noticed that there was not an organic essential oil range available that was priced well and that looked attractive, most on the market have pretty unattractive bottles/ packaging to say the least.

After many conversations with my husband and sister in law, who encouraged me to start my own business and after much thought and research ANJALI came to life. I love ANJALI, I’m so passionate about essential oils and how they can enhance your physical and emotional health, and doing this everyday doesn’t feel like work to me, its more like a love project or a hobby. I’m so pleased I can call ANJALI work! ANJALI meaning a gift, or a divine offering I feel that pure essential oils are natures gift to us, so ANJALI felt like a fitting name.

Explain your usual day? Hmmmm what is’ usual’ with a two year old? Ha ha – our day starts with breakfast, a cup of Earl Grey tea, turning our diffusers on, checking emails and a bit of instagram (yes I’m a sucker for it, I love instagram) and after all this out the door either for kindy drop off and onto work appointments or juggling the day with my boy, Ziggy in tow.

I dedicate two full days a week to work and the rest I fit around our life which does sometimes mean staying up late to get orders packed or do any other work related things I haven’t had time for through the day. I have recently started reformer Pilates, which I am really loving and I do this several times a week whenever I can fit in a class. I also love walking so I am often out for a walk when I can with Ziggy my boy and our dog Sabu. I find when I make time for exercise and I’m a much more productive and happy person.

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What ‘makes your day’? Seeing my little boy’s face smile when he wakes up, having a Chai Latte (the real deal, no powder chai, a sticky chai which is honey infused loose leaf tea), having ANJALI orders roll in and of course family dinner time at the end of the day together, this may include a nice wine or two somedays.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? Family, my phone, essential oils (oh and wine)!

4 fave songs on your iPod? World of our love-client liaison; The Yes Strut – Teams vs Star Slinger; Cocoon-Milky Chance, Redbone-Childish Gambino – and  I’m adding one more Coldplay and The Chainsmokers- Something like this.

Fave place to escape to? Bali, Byron Bay or Margaret River/Yallingup WA.

How do you relax? If I’m home, my diffuser is on with beautiful aromas floating through the air; going for a nice long walk; heading to the beach for a swim and spending time with friends and family which usually involves a nice glass of wine.

Best piece of life advice you’ve received? To be balanced. yes work and my business are important, but I look to my parents life they are balanced, physically, materially and spiritually and always try to be happy in any situation. This is living advise to me and they have always set a good example in directing me with my decisions. I also look to other family members whose life situations have changed over the years and it’s finding what makes us happy and being content with what we have and each other. this world can all get a bit crazy sometimes but if we can just find contentment with what we have and enjoy our families and friends that is true happiness.

What will you be doing 5 years time? I hope to give Ziggy a sibling, but I also hope to be aging gracefully 🙂 and building ANJALI to a good healthy level.


instagram – @anjaliessentialoils
email: info@anjali.com.au


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