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life lessons: 12 ways to ATTRACT WHAT YOU WANT

Nikki Yazxhi

what you want


You totally can…

We often ignore the power we have to transform our lives, only the ones who are aware of this power can make anything happen – anything – and the law of attraction seems to be the key…

Here are 10 ways to use the law of attraction to help you get what you want out of life:

1. You attract things faster if you aren’t desperate for them – if you’re an easygoing person things will come easier to you than if you are obsessing all the time with what you want.

2. The law of attraction requires some action to make things happen but don’t stress about it, just take a few steps that makes you feel good and everything will just flow.

3. To attract anything you want you first need to clear yourself of negative beliefs. Sometimes we believe unconsciously in things that may not be entirely true. You really have to work in what is blocking your energy.

4. Face your fears – fear is a a block. If there’s something you’re frightened of, like seeking a new job, or ending a relationship – just do it! That is when the true magic will happen.

5. Believe in yourself – this is very important. If you truly believe in ‘you’ and in the law of attraction don’t expect everyone to agree with you, instead trust that you’re on the correct path. Not everything works for everyone.

6. You need to be clear in what you want, you can’t want one thing today and tomorrow the opposite. Really ask your inner guide what you want and write it. Writing down what you want is really powerful.

what you want 2

7. Don’t focus in the material things – it’s okay to want something material is perfectly normal. Imagine you want a Chanel bag, you really want it. Don’t focus in the bag, focus in the feeling of happiness and you will have it. In the end when you get tired of having all this material things you’ll find what you really want in life.

8. Believe that nothing is impossible and you will start seeing beautiful things happen in your life. Never stress out on how you will achieve your dream, just trust that The Universe has a master plan for you.

9. It doesn’t matter how bad is your life today, you can totally change it if you want to. If you start feeling grateful for what you have.

10. Be happy now, happiness is your goal. Choose to be happy. If you feel so sad, do something that makes you feel good: talk to someone on the phone, listen to happy music, watch a funny movie, take a shower, anything but don’t stop feeling happy as long as you can.

11. Write a gratitude list everyday – it will change your life. You will start attracting more positive things, like the things you’re writing down.

12. Spirituality is all about taking full responsibility for whatever occurs in your life, good or bad it all has come from you to you. If you’re not happy in your life, you have the power to change yourself and your life. Stop attracting bad things and blaming other for what happens to you.

{Source: Oh My Dior Pic: Harpers Bazaar}


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