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Nikki Yazxhi

sleep sanctuary


here are three ways to create a stylish, restful bed that will also enhance and support your slumber

1. embrace textures

Texture refers to the three dimensional elements found in our designs – whether it’s through physical weaves or 3d prints which create a unique nish. The texture is interconnected through defined troughs and peaks. The printed version is a clever technique that mimics / simulates natural textures. Referred to as a trompe-l’oeil – ‘Play of mind’ in French.

sleep sanctuary 2

{above pics: 1. Reilly in Calico, queen quilt cover set $289.95, queen sheet set $359.95, standard european pillowcase single $49.95, standard european sham single $69.95, standard pillow sham single $69.95, Corrigin in Chalk, square cushion $79.95, throw $299.95. 2. Alena in Heather, square cushion $79.95, throw $229.95. 3. Marrell in Breeze, square cushion $79.95.}

2. add layers

the details

Layering natural fibres in your home – 100% linen, wool or cotton – not only revitalises your living space, it gives new potential to daily rituals. Build texture throughout your bedrooms and living spaces with our expanded rangeo f chunky throws and cushions. Forget matching – break the rules with a combination of varying tones and fabrications with a distinctly raw, natural feel.

the details 2

{above pics: 1. Herschel in White, queen standard quilt cover $399.95, standard pillowcase pair $99.95, standard european single $89.95, Arkley in Flax, square cushion $89.95, Westall in Natural, throw $279.95.}

3. lay good foundations

laying good foundations

While we know bed linen is integral to a deep, fulfilling rest, you can make slumber extra special with the right accessories. Picture your bed as a nest: a place to stack and store comforting throws and cushions, adding life-improving elements over time.

Start from the base up with a deluxe dream Bed topper, an innovative microfibre with similar properties to down. Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers, it amplifies the softness of your mattress.

Swap your pillows out for the deluxe Feather and down Pillow, made plump with white goose down and feather. If you’re in need of extra support, try the deluxe Memory Foam Pillow – it relieves pressure points to ensure you reach sleep Zen.

sheridan essentials

{above pics: 1. Deluxe Dream, standard pillow $89.95, european pillow $94.95, Pure Indulgence, queen quilt $1099.95, Ultimate Dream, queen bed topper $829.95, Ultracool, queen mattress protector $249.95. 2. Cotton Waffle in Dove, queen/king blanket $199.95. 3. Deluxe Feather and Down, standard pillow $279.95. 4. Clockwise from top: Deluxe Wool Surround, standard pillow $89.95, Deluxe Memory Foam, standard pillow $189.95, Deluxe Feather and Down, standard pillow $279.95, Deluxe Dream, standard pillow $89.95.}

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