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Nikki Yazxhi

there are so many on the market, so much advice out there, it’s hard to get a handle on what would work for your family. Here’s what we chose and why…

When it came to looking for a new TV everyone in the family wanted something a little different… I wanted it to look good, hubby wanted amazing picture quality, and the boys wanted a TV that they could watch YouTube and play their games on, as well as easily hooking up with their Samsung products.

It was actually our 15-year-old that told us about The Frame by Samsung. He researched what both he and his brother wanted from the TV, and then sold it to us with the ‘art’ and ‘looking good’ angle! He was right, The Frame had everything we were looking for and more. Everyone in the family is happy, particularly me. The TV is actually beautiful (never thought I’d say that), and it works perfectly in our living room!

The kids love the smart technology and hubby, and I love the design and the art. There’s so much to choose from, so you can change it whenever you want, adding different mats around your picture {see below} in a range of sizes and colours, or creating a slideshow of your favourite images – and if art isn’t your thing, you can upload photos of your own. You can also choose from three frame colours, we chose ‘beige wood’ because it worked back with all the other light wood we have throughout the house. All our visitors are blown away with how perfect the TV/art is for the room. We love it.

the insider tips

I chatted to Hass Mahdi, Head of Audio Visual Division, Samsung Australia, to get insider info on choosing a TV the whole family will love. This info ticked a lot of the boxes when we were making the final decision. If you’re looking for a new TV, this will help:

What are the important factors you should take into account when buying a television?
In recent years, Australians have been rethinking what they want home entertainment products to deliver. Picture quality sits at the top of the priority list, with colour, brightness and resolution important factors when considering a TV that will be viewed in a well-lit Australian home. Enhancements in picture quality, including 4K Ultra HD technology, have opened up the accessibility of bigger screens.

We’ve seen popularity shift from 55-inch panels to 65-inch panels and in 2018 an increase in purchases of 75 inches. We’ve also seen the overall aesthetics of TVs become a key consideration for Australians. At Samsung, The Frame is a pioneer because we have developed it to blend seamlessly into the home. The Frame tackles the long-standing issue of the ugly black screen that’s left on display when a TV is off by displaying artwork to enhance the appearance and ambience of your home when it is on standby. Disappearing into its surroundings through a combination of design, TV, and art, The Frame effortlessly enhances Australian living spaces.

Are all TV’s created equally? What should we look for in regards to picture quality?
TVs are not all created equally and there a lot of options on the market. Ensuring your new panel supports 4K and is smart. is a good place to start. Samsung is constantly striving to bring the very best in picture and sound into Australian homes.

Samsung’s QLED technology offers incredible colour performance, with stunning brightness, deep blacks, and rich detail in a range of lighting environments. Boasting premium materials, our QLED panels deliver elegance and refinement that look great in a range of settings and from virtually any angle. Samsung’s The Frame also delivers the outstanding entertainment experience Australians expect from Samsung, combining a crisp and clear 4K screen with HDR10+ technology and Samsung’s enhanced smart TV experience.

How is The Frame different from other TVs?
The Frame is unlike any other Samsung TV on the market. Designed to fit harmoniously within any space, The Frame has changed the way many Australians think about the role their TV plays in the home. Instead of fading to black like most TVs, The Frame becomes a work of art, displaying content from a range of images, including classic artworks, custom-designed digital art pieces, or the user’s own pictures.

When in ‘Art Mode’, The Frame has a brightness sensor that ensures the content being displayed adjusts to the room’s natural light level, so it closely resembles a framed piece of art, while its motion sensor automatically turns the screen off to help save power when you leave the room and turns back on when you return. Combining three different frame options – white, beige wood, and walnut – with over 800 available pieces of art that can be purchased, The Frame can be customised to enhance the design and décor of any interior.

more details

The Frame is available in 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models from Samsung.com.au, Harvey Norman and David Jones.
The customisable bezel is available in three colourways – white, walnut and beige wood.
For more information on The Frame, visit the samsung.com/au/explore/the-frame-tv

{Photos: Hunter Key}

*Samsung gifted bellamumma a The Frame, 55-inch with a beige wood frame.
{*bellaMUMMA only collaborates with brands and products she would recommend to her friends!}


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