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Stephanie Waterman, interior guru from The Stylephiles, gives us her expert advice on how to curate art for your living space…

Stephanie’s tips for choosing art for your home…

What are the 5 key elements you should take into account when buying art for the home?
1. Make sure you are bringing art into your home that is the right scale. If your room is big it commands big art. Hanging art that is too small will dwarf the space and your bare walls causing the art to feel and look off-balance.

2. Mix up the types of mediums you are curating and never stick to just one. Think oil paintings, line drawings, watercolours and photography prints – the perfect cocktail. Hanging too much of any one type of art will make your home feel flat and too much like a gallery.

3. Invest in framing your artwork correctly by a professional. This may occasionally cost more than the art itself if you are framing a print but is worth it. A good frame job will elevate your piece and protect it for years to come.

4. Hang it right! So many times, we’ll walk into a space and the art is hung way too high. Art should almost always be hung at eye level. This makes sure the art stays connected to the space and you can admire the detail. If your ceilings are five metres high, and you hang your art somewhere in the middle – not only will it look like it’s floating and be very hard to dust – you won’t get to admire any of the detail.

5. So you’ve fallen in love with a particular piece of art? Don’t jump straight in just yet, do your research. Get online (Instagram is our go-to) and go to the artist’s personal page to see what else they have created, is there a gallery exhibition coming up? Do they create custom works? Make sure you have seen everything that is available to make sure you are getting the best piece for your home at a price you are most comfortable with.

What are the important key elements when framing artwork?
Keep it simple and classic, not to distract from the art itself. No matter how many different directions your art collection moves in; a clean timber frame or classic black or white will never date. Choosing an ornate frame with lots of personality will immediately compete with the art inside.

Who are your favourite artists?
Zoe Pawlak, Hector Frank, Lina Iris Viktor, Carly Williams and Lisa Madigan. I also love to support friends of mine who are new artists and my latest love is an acrylic and gouache titled ‘Good Morning’ by Brett Goodrich in Sydney.

What about when buying a TV? What do you think about size? Should you conceal your TV, or make it a statement in your home?
Your TV should seamlessly work into your decor and be well thought out, we suggest you apply the same principles as you would to your artwork: select the right size for your home, hang it at eye level and get it installed properly so you don’t damage your walls. I love a TV that sits flush with your wall. We just got The Frame by Samsung for our home as this not only had the tech aspects we needed but felt like it was created with intelligent design and intuition, like a good piece of art.

about Samsung’s The Frame

You may not have noticed, but in all the photos above, the art is actually the television! Yes, it’s The Frame by Samsung…
The Frame is a TV that turns your living space into a mesmerising gallery of curated art. The Frame takes your TV experience beyond entertainment, converting into a beautiful piece of art when the TV is not in use, and with an array of artwork, photography, and bezel colours available for purchase, it will suit every mood and style. Plus, with the inclusion of the One Clear Connection cable, which transmits both power and AV data from the One Connect Box to the TV via a slim translucent cable, The Frame would enhance any living space.

With the addition of an upgraded Art Mode, you can customise the look and feel of your home in a greater variety of ways. Samsung’s Art Store houses an ever-growing and diverse library of artwork and photos from some of the most prominent museums, galleries, and artists around the world. These include The Albertina, a leading Austrian art museum, Magnum Photos, one of the world’s most prestigious and influential photography agencies, and Lumas, a major Berlin-founded gallery for photography and art editions.

The Frame has an easy-to-use interface, which makes it possible to browse different art pieces based on the colour scheme of a room or to search by a particular medium, like drawing or photography. Plus, its new Slideshow and Favourite features empower you to curate your own collection of masterpieces that will shuffle through at preset intervals.

Want more inspiration?

Visit our Pinterest page to see more inspiration like these pix below…

more details

The Frame is available in 43-inch, 55-inch and 65-inch models from Samsung.com.au, Harvey Norman and David Jones.
The customisable bezel is available in three colourways – white, walnut and beige wood.

For more information on The Frame, visit the samsung.com/au/explore/the-frame-tv

*Samsung gifted bellamumma a The Frame, 55-inch with a beige wood frame.
{*bellaMUMMA only collaborates with brands and products she would recommend to her friends!}


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