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beauty class: 3 EYE MAKEUP MOVES you need to KNOW about

Nikki Yazxhi


which can be a good or bad thing – depending on your technique!

Either way, here’s three moves you need to know about to either ‘up’ your make-up repertoire or correct it:
1. Apply eyeshadow from the outside corner in. Everything to do with makeup is about using small amounts and building up. It’s always easier to build colours up than to take them away. You also need to think about where to start with your eyeshadow as that’s where you have strongest deposit of colour. It’s best to start at the outer corner of the eye and then work inwards, so the colour becomes softer. If you brush on the middle of the eye or the inner corner you can get a really intense pat of colour that you can’t blend out.
2. Apply eyeliner looking down. The trick with liner—whether it’s a liquid, gel or pencil—is to get the actual colour as close to the root of your lashes as possible. This is where liner needs to go. When you work it along the lash line, you can blend it out or take it higher. But to create the illusion of thicker, lusher lashes, you need the deposit of colour close to the lash line. If you don’t have a steady hand, the easiest way to put liner on is to look down into a mirror. Don’t have it at eye level. Looking down, the eye area relaxes and you can see the join between the lash and lid—and that’s exactly where you should apply it.
3. Draw your cat’s eye flick from the lower lash line. The trick for doing a kitten flick, or flicking up, is to approach it from underneath—from the lower lash line. If you’re using a liquid, just do a little dot to get the angle—it’s almost like creating a template for the shape. Then trace from your upper lid to the dot, and it will give you the perfect angle. If you just want a very small flick, trace from below and maybe go about the width of a finger—if you can imagine putting your smallest finger on the outer part of the lid. Dot above that to just get that small flick. Then just carry the line up to meet the dot. It gives a really beautiful lift, rather than pulling it down.
{Pic: Pinterest / Source: Beauty Editor}


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