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beauty class: how to prep FOR THE PERFECT MANICURE

Nikki Yazxhi

prep for your manicure


smooth skin and clean cuticles are a must before you even swipe on that first coat + if your nails are prepped properly, your mani is going to last longer!

SO here’s the insider tips on how to prep your nails for your next mani:

 • Exfoliate skin. Get rid of any dead and dull skin cells by exfoliating. You can make your own exfoliant by mixing olive oil with sugar or salt.

 • Maintain cuticles. To keep your cuticles in tip top shape, rub olive oil into your cuticle beds. This will keep them moisturised and super-soft.

• Remove dry skin. Invest in a pair of cuticle clippers and {gently} get rid of any hangnails and/or dry skin.

• Add major moisture. Give your hands extra TLC by massaging in a rich hand cream, then wrapping in a warm/hot damp towel.

 • Wipe nails. Remove any excess oil from the nail by wiping the nail with some polish remover before you apply polish {otherwise it won’t adhere properly}.

{Pics: Byrdie}


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