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11 ways to LIVE more MINDFULLY #1

Nikki Yazxhi

how to live more mindfully


But by living consciously in the present, and choosing to be more mindful, we can create the life we want to live/love!

Here are 5 {of 11} ways to become more mindful every day:

1. Be present in the now. Stop dwelling on the past – learn the lesson and move forward. Don’t get lost in thoughts of the future – set your goals and a plan to achieve them, then get busy in the current moment. If someone is talking, give them your full attention. If you’re at a meeting or at the dinner table, put your phone away. Give the moment you’ve chosen to be in or are required to be in your full attention.

2. Eliminate multi-tasking. Choose to one thing at a time, doing it to the best of our ability {which is now possible because you’re giving it your full attention}. Always keep in mind quality, not quantity, even when it comes to completing tasks.

3. Create bumpers in your schedule. Instead of scheduling everything back-to-back, make sure you schedule time in between where nothing is expected of you. Why do this? So that when you are at the meeting with your colleagues, they have your full attention and you’re not checking the clock to see when you need to dash out the door to your dentist appointment. By doing this, you not only reduce your stress and anxiousness, but you also allow yourself to be present which increases the quality of work you offer at that particular moment.

4. Eat slowly, appreciate the food you are feeding your body. So often, when we are hungry, we just shove food in – any kind of food – be it bland and tasteless or processed and unhealthy. By choosing to slow down when you eat, you experience all the flavours, and if something doesn’t taste quite right, you stop eating, but if something tastes delightful, you can savour it and allow your body to tell you when it’s full.

5. Carve out time to just be by yourself . . . to do nothing. Five minutes of just chill time to catch your breath, put things in order in your mind so that you can let them go or maybe to close your eyes is a simply luxury that is a necessity in our daily lives. Do not feel guilty scheduling this time into your day.

{Source: The Lane}


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