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11 ways to LIVE more MINDFULLY #2

Nikki Yazxhi

live more mindfully

But by living consciously in the present, and choosing to be more mindful, we can create the life we want to live/love!

Here’s part #2  – {6 of 11} ways to become more mindful every day:

6. Be the master of your life, rather than letting your life master you. When we slow down our lives and aren’t rushing from one obligation to the next, we are forced to come to terms with how we are living. Sometimes we cram our days full of demands and activities because we don’t want to address the reality that the life we’re living isn’t exactly what want. Take time every now and again to re-assess what you really want out of life.

 7. Understand what you need. When you find time to quiet the world around you, you become more in tune with what brings you joy and conversely what makes you uncomfortable. At this point, you’re then able to dissect why you feel these particular feelings. Once you understand what makes you come alive, what brings you tranquility and what agitates you, you can then design your life accordingly, and become the master of your life.

 8. Prioritise and eliminate. Priorities will change as you evolve and grow, and that it why it’s important to regularly {yearly, bi-yearly, etc} assess what it important to you so that you can create the life you wish to live. When you are clear about your priorities, you will then need to let go of things that are no longer supporting the life you wish to live.

 9. Incorporate the phrase, “Let me get back to you.” Often, we’re invited or asked to do something when we are speaking to someone face to face or on the phone, and robotically we say yes. Depending on the person who is asking, we may have the reflex of saying no. Either way, choose to say the above-mentioned phrase, giving yourself time to digest, contemplate and check to see if you’re able to and/or want to involve yourself. By doing this, you eliminate the need to break your word when you remember you aren’t able to help because of a conflicting appointment. And more importantly, it allows you to be very mindful about the decision you make.

 10. Be aware of your surroundings. While you’re walking, driving, standing, or sitting, be aware of nature, people, architecture that surrounds you. So often we go about our days that become routine and we fail to notice the changing leaves, the birds singing or the detailed architecture that we pass by. While sometimes it seems easier to notice what is wrong, why not choose to notice something positive every day?

 11. Notice a need and act. Simple acts of kindness throughout the day isn’t expected but are almost always appreciated. If you see your secretary is frazzled, asked her what you can do to help. If you notice someone could benefit from you holding open the door for them as they are leaving the grocery store, hold it open. Simple gestures that demonstrate your mindfulness of what is going on in the present moment are ways you can be more mindful. By involving yourself in this way, you are cultivating a more positive environment.

As you can see, it doesn’t take grand gestures, large amounts of money or excess amounts of time to live more mindfully, and the pay off can be quite amazing.

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{Pic: The Lane / Source: The Simply Luxurious Life}


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