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what beauty stuff you should {and shouldn’t} PACK FOR YOUR HOLIDAY

Nikki Yazxhi



{I am, and I’m so excited! We’re going to on a family holiday and I can’t wait!}

If you’ve got a trip planned too, here’s some beauty-packing rules to take ‘onboard’:
1. Have an emergency kit for when you get off the plane to avoid looking haggard. Keep a refreshing face mist, makeup wipes, moisturiser, concealer, and lip balm stashed in your purse that you can apply right before you land.
2. Take your own toiletries—you can never be 100% certain what will be provided for you at the hotel.
3. Never, ever pack full products in your carry-on. You don’t want to have to empty out hundreds of dollars worth of products, in tears, in front of a long line at security.
4. This is not the time for a professional kit case—soft, zip-up travel cases are best to stash in a suitcase and to stay organised.
5. Bring fragrance, but try and grab sample sizes of your favourite scent at the fragrance counter. If you’re going to bring a full-size bottle, make sure it isn’t too fragile.
6. Sunscreen is a must. If you’re not checking a bag, purchase a big bottle of sunscreen when you arrive at your destination—no ifs, ands, or buts.
7. Minimise your makeup. We all have more shadows and lipsticks than we know what to do with, but think realistically about how much makeup you’re going to wear on your trip. You need the basics—mascara, black liner, blush, and a base {foundation or concealer, or both—whatever you use at home}. Then pack two shadows—one for day {shimmering beige is nice} and one for night {charcoal or deep purple, perhaps}—or just go with bronze: It works both day and night. For lips, make sure you have one bright and one neutral option.
8. Don’t forget hair elastics, bobby pins, and a clip or two. These are the items you always forget to bring—then always wish you had. When it comes to styling products, pack what you absolutely need, and if you’re one of those people who can’t go without blow-drying your hair, bring your own—we all know how powerful the ones hooked up to the hotel wall are…
9. Thou shall not leave the house without tweezers. You don’t need stray hairs popping up between your brows or on your chin that you’re stuck with until you get home.
10. Let your location inspire you. Going to the beach? Pack coral and bronze makeup shades and a light, tropical fragrance. Off to Paris? Red lips and some Chanel No. 5. New York-bound? Grey shadow, texturising spray, and a bottle of Giorgio Armani, Si.
{Pic: Vogue}


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