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weekend hair: THE LUXE LOOP

Deborah Grevett


perfect for date night or the beach, by our hair expert, Deborah from Papillon Hair

The ‘how-to-do’s’:

1. Start with clean, healthy-looking hair. If your hair is damaged or frizzy in texture, use a smoothing and conditioning oil or balm to help improve the quality and give it a natural looking shine.

2. Apply a styling cream to dampened hair.

3. Seperate out a little strand of hair just abover your ear and attach three Kela Hair Jewels.

4. Pull back hair into a low ponytail at the nape of the neck, including your glammed up strand. If your hair is fine, you can tease it a little for more volume then spray it with hairspray to hold it.

5. Loop the length of the ponytail under and secure with an elastic. Using the fingers, mold the shape of the looped ponytail into a neat bun shape. Massage through hair to give a messy look.

about KELA

Kela is the first Hair Jewel piece guaranteed to endure not just a wild night on the Champers but also the ocean waves!

Why we’re loving them…
* They’re super affordable for what they are! Imagine getting three Pandora charms at $50? Never!
* They’re made from brass alloy and then plated in precious metals, some even diamantes.
* The unique technology took three years to develop ensuring the quality of Kela charms are non slip and don’t cause damage to our lovely tresses.
* They look BOMB and super easy to use.

Don’t want to ruin your nails? That’s okay because they come with an easy to use clasp opener, making them the perfect accessory for the glam girl who wants to get ready five minutes before they have to leave.

where to buy

Come into to Papillon to try them on and the girls can show you some easy 3-piece statements for your night out – or visit papillon.com.au to by online.


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