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flowers for FRIDAY + DIY flower SKIN-OVATIONS

Nikki Yazxhi

flower skinovations


and symbolise love, friendships, happiness and healing.

“Different scents can evoke memories of an important day, a one true love and a lasting friendship,” says Carolyn Stubbins, Co Founder and Creative Director of Perfect Potion.
“They smell divine and have wonderful effects on us emotionally and have amazing benefits to our skin including properties such as healing, soothing and rejuvenation.”
Carolyn, who is also a herbalist, aromatherapist and beauty therapist, has put her expertise and flower knowledge together to create these healing floral waters which you can re-create at home…
flower skin-novations
Lavender and myrrh healing toner
A healing, antiseptic and gentle astringent for oily blemished skin.
DIY: Mix 1.5 (30 drops) myrrh tincture with100ml lavender water and store in a clean bottle.
Gentle rose tonic
A calming and soothing freshener for sensitive or irritated skin.
DIY: Mix two drops blue chamomile essential oil with 10 drops essential oil solubiliser. Add 85ml rosewater and 15ml aloe vera juice. Pour into in a clean bottle, shake well and store in the fridge.
Flower and juice skin toner
A soothing and cooling toner for sensitive and combination skin.
DIY: Mix together 80ml orange flower water and 20ml aloe vera juice. Store in a clean bottle and keep in the fridge.
Pure rose skin liquid
A hydrating skin tonic for dry and mature skins.
DIY: Add five drops of rose absolute to 10 drops essential oil solubiliser. Add 100ml rosewater and shake to disperse the ingredients. Store in a clean bottle.
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