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you & food: from FAT to FIT eating tips…

Nikki Yazxhi

from fat to fit


these are little tweaks that can help keep you fit and fabulous

Follow these eight simple tips to take your eating habits from fat to fit…

CHOP AND CHANGE: Eating the same foods every day limits the nutrients your body gets – so eat a variety of foods.

EAT WITHIN TWO HOURS OF EXERCISE: Your metabolism is higher after exercise which encourages your food to be used for energy instead of being stored as fat.

ADD PROTEIN TO YOUR MEALS: Adding protein to a meal or snack will give you the feeling of fullness after eating which means you won’t get as hungry so soon after eating.

EAT EARLY: Have your dinner at least a few hours before you go to bed so your body can digest the food and burn kilojoules at max speed.

GO ORGANIC: Cut out chemicals as they can place added strain on your body.

SNACK ATTACK: Don’t feel guilty about snacking! Healthy snacks keep blood sugar on an even keel and prevent cravings.

BECOME A WATER BABY: Drink at least 6-8 glasses a day to flush away toxins and keep your body hydrated.

TREAT YOURSELF EVERY NOW AND AGAIN: If you don’t deprive yourself, you’re less likely to go overboard and completely pig out. Besides, life is too short to not enjoy a little of the good stuff – everything in moderation.

{Pic: Cosmopolitan}


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