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coffee with… SARAH WILSON

Nikki Yazxhi


and chat about her new role as Westin’s newest well-being brand advocate
& get her expert tips on keeping well while travelling!

Sarah’s top 10 wellness tips for while you travel

1: I make a green smoothie (pureed greens and whole fruit) which I carry in a metal canister to drink before flights. I then use the canister as my water bottle for the rest of the trip.

2: For every hour you are flying, drink at least 500ml of water and drink a stack before you leave for the airport. I always carry my own 2L bottle on international flights.

3: I don’t overdo exercise when travelling. Your body is more compromised and responds best to gentle and consistent (i.e. daily) movement.
• Run the stairs. Only got time for a quick 10-minute workout? A few laps of the internal stairs is great
• Use the gym. It’s there on your doorstep! Catch the news on TV while you’re there

4: I always pack my swimmers and goggles in case there’s a pool in the hotel or nearby. Also handy if there’s a steam room, which is a boon for frazzled adrenals and blocked lymphs!

5: When working while travelling put the onus on others to email you back. Often my out of office will say: “I’m away until X date and won’t be replying to emails. Please email me again after X date if your matter is still valid/important.” Often, a matter is redundant by the time you’re back on deck.
• Turn off (or don’t connect) to Wi-Fi for stints so that you can focus and get “real” work done

6: I also like to use the widget Pomodoro Technique. It’s a timer that paces out focus stints and rest stints for you. It’s wonderful for getting focused work done.

7: I always travel with a battery-operated alarm clock instead of using my phone as the alarm to minimise EMF exposure.

8: Take a flanerie. This is a wonderful French word. And it’s very Parisienne in nature. Flanerie: to take a wander around a city just to look and smell and absorb. No buying. Just looking, in gardens and parks and galleries.

9: Research the area on Broadsheet or Time Out before you travel, to check out best places to eat or drink.

10: Choose to dine solo. This is another great way to get a feel for the local culture and vibe. Sit at the bar so you can talk to the staff if you don’t want to be stuck alone in a corner.

westin travel guide

to find out about Westin’s Well-Being Movement

&  you can check out more about Sarah by
visiting her site {if you haven’t already}
here www.sarahwilson.com


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