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celebrity contributor: career & life ADVICE by TONI PEAREN

Toni Pearen


IF I WERE TO PASS ON MY ADVICE TO ANYONE WANTING TO PURSUE A CAREER IN SHOWBIZ,{from what I’ve learnt over the years}, here is what I would say to them
by bM contributor, Toni Pearen

1. Work hard. Dedicate yourself to your passion for the craft.
2. Never take no for an answer. Take opportunities and make them what you can.
3. While your not working, have a life. Inspiration comes from everywhere.
4. Look after yourself. It all catches up with you eventually.
5. When on set, concentrate on the job, not on the opposite sex.
6. Stand your ground. Be yourself. It will serve you well.
7. Find out who you are and what makes you tick.
8. Fame and money are great but you have to live with yourself and your choices.
9. Never be arrogant or ignorant. Neither will help you.
10. Don’t get complacent. Strive to always be better.
11. Don’t google yourself or care what others are doing. Who is or isn’t working. It’s a waste of your energy and your time.
12. Don’t care what people think of you. Just do your best.
13. Nurture yourself.
14. Believe in yourself. Believe you can do it.
15. Keep learning. Don’t limit yourself and your abilities.
16. Choose the job that challenges you the most.
17. Be fearless. Sometimes you won’t know what your doing but that’s half the fun.
18. Be curious and learn from people you admire.
19. Do what feels right.
20. There are always so many reasons why you don’t get a job. There is always the right job at the right time.
21. Don’t take yourself too seriously but take the job seriously.
22. Always SHINE!
toni pearen life advice
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