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Nikki Yazxhi



tick, tick, achieved… it’s also perfection for sun protection – which we totally love

We asked Carly the ‘bellaMUMMA questions’ to find out a little more about her and how she created the must-have Une Piece…

You, in three words? Energetic, Kind, Passionate

Five things you love? Wine, seafood, family, friends, a good blow dry

What inspires you? Things I’m passionate about, art, people, travel, the weather, kindness

What’s your work title? Owner and Founder UNE PIECE

What was your first ever job? Customer Service from 14 years’ old! I worked in a shoe store on weekends and was managing it by the age of 15 on a Saturday! (I still have an obsession with shoes to this day!)

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? A vet or a ballet dancer

How did ‘UNE Piece’ come about? Growing up on the Sunshine Coast fostered a really strong connection with the water. I’ve always loved how different swimsuits can make you feel.

My seven years living in Europe in my twenties really consolidated my obsession with Summer and being by the water. Living in London – I was always planning my next escape to the sea.

In Europe, Summer is such a big deal – especially preparing for the all important Summer holiday. People plan their holiday wardrobe for months. In Europe women don’t just take bikinis on their holidays – they have a repertoire of swimwear for all different occasions. I loved this. I loved the concept of day to night, and just how elegant and versatile a beautiful one piece could be.

The catalyst for starting the business came about about a year ago when I was on holidays with my husband (and business partner) on the Sunshine Coast. He asked me what I would do if I could do anything in the world. That’s an amazing question to be asked by someone and the moment he asked it I knew straight away what I wanted.

I’d always dreamt of having my own business, doing something in an industry I felt truly passionate about. I am also super focused on team culture and building out a team that is both super high performing and is happy and healthy.


Explain your usual day? I’m not sure there is a ‘usual day’ when you have your own business…. But generally I wake (early circa 5.30am), cup of tea (made by my husband), porrij (amazing- obsessed with this stuff!) and mango, grateful diary for ten mins, meditate for 15 mins, journal for 10 mins, Yoga (2-3 mornings a week), walk Matilda our dog, emails, meetings, fittings, NPD review, social review, PR meetings, digital spend review, check sales, lunch with one of our partners or my team…such a variety every day. Always time for big-picture dreaming and thinking about the future. On Tuesday’s we have our team meeting (my fave day of the work week) with my amazing team.

What ‘makes your day’? My dream day is being with my family and friends, by the water, in the sunshine, eating fresh fresh seafood and drinking crisp white wine. I feel so darn lucky to live in Queensland where all of these things I can have whenever I want them.

I also love working with people that are passionate about what they do. My team is that way – but also our amazing partners (web design, PR, photographer) are all passionate people doing what they love. I also am fortunate to work with the super-talented Kerrie Hess who has illustrated our brand for launch and will continue to be a partner into the future.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? In general: My family, my friends, my dog, sunshine (sorry that was an extra one!) At work: My phone/ laptop, English Breakfast Tea with Soy Milk, my team (the most amazing group of humans I’ve worked with yet!)


4 fave songs on your iPod?
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You – Stevie Wonder
The Feather Song from Forrest Gump
Anything Angus and Julia Stone

Fave place to escape to? The Sunshine Coast locally – Caloundra or Noosa. But fave fave is a teeny, tiny beach called Cala Mondrago in Spain. It is the most spectacularly simple place in Europe to visit but the most stunning. With all the most important things (including fresh calamari and sangria)! Other fave destinations are: London, Paris, Positano, Oia, Cap D’ail, Cap Ferrat, NYC, Kerala (India)

How do you relax? Meditate, do yoga, cups of tea on the couch, cuddle the dog, cook with my husband, pat my pregnant belly (and talk to my Little Man), wine with seafood by the sea.

Best piece of life advice you’ve received? Just do your best. Follow your heart. Be kind. Don’t ever change yourself for a person, an organisation or to fit in.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Living in my Queenslander, cooking dinner every night (with a cheeky glass of Sancerre) with my husband for our beautiful children and our dog Matilda. Travelling to Noosa and the Sunshine Coast regularly and leading a beautiful team at UNE PIECE to create iconic things which make women feel confident, empowered and beautiful.

UNE PIECE details

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UNE PIECE Original Sexie Rashie – $195
Available {in all the colours above} at unepiece.com
Follow at instagram.com/une_piece


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