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#loveadvice: the simplest way to DE-STRESS your RELATIONSHIP

Nikki Yazxhi

de-stress your relationship 1


but did you know, a simple smile can help de-stress your relationship? Yep, it can!

Here’s how and why:

The reason is simple: it’s harder to stay angry when you’re grinning. The act of smiling actually promotes positive feelings and often sparks a positive reaction in others. It’s the first step in defusing stress!

But, hello yes, it isn’t always easy to smile, especially if you’re in a stressful situation with your partner, like for example, when you’re travelling. Slapping on a grin from ear-to-ear is easier said than done when you’ve been sitting in traffic for two hours. So how you can use smiling to overcome those aggravating situations that get the best of you and your significant other?

Try using a prop as a distraction. If, again for example, you’re travelling and things are starting to get tense from all the waiting around or walking or whatever, put on a silly accent and act out being a travel guide – or take a sip of your drink, grin and loudly say, “Cheers, here’s to us! Bottoms up!!!!!” Anything to lighten the mood.


Another trick: mentally go to your happy place to help you smile – and try to keep a healthy perspective by reminding yourself that things can always be worse.

Even if you ‘fake a smile it til you make it,” one thing is for sure: you should remind yourself to smile before the tension and stress get so bad that you start full-on fighting.

When things first start to get anxious or uncomfortable with your partner in stressful situations, that’s the time to get silly and smiley as a stress-buster. And yes, just the simple act of turning up the corners of your mouth really does work to boost your mood and lower the heart rate and blood pressure of you and those around you.

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