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Nikki Yazxhi

top 10 beauty problems solved

Here’s your top 10 beauty problems, fixed…

1. dark undereye circles

Dark circles can show high levels of toxicity in your body or can be a result of bad circulation caused by heredity. To help dark circles, see your beauty therapist about having lymphatic drainage to move toxins; drinking heaps of water and regularly exercising to boost blood circulation. Eating a diet high in antioxidants, fruit and vegetables will also help you eliminate toxic elements.
The delicate skin under your eyes is also irritated by all sorts of things especially if you’re tired and stressed. Start using an eye cream, get plenty of sleep and learn to relax to help speed up the disappearance of dark circles.
To disguise dark circles she recommends using a light-diffusing cream concealer. Apply and blend with your little finger, then dust on a loose sheer, peachy powder to negate the blue tone of the dark circles.

2. breakouts

Even though breakouts are caused by the production of too much oil, don’t go on an oil-reducing mission. If you dry the skin out too much, more oil will be produced.
Instead remove dead cells by exfoliating so oil can get out and the spot can start to heal. Use an anti-bacterial cream to help calm and soothe, and eat foods high in water content to flush your system.

3. split ends

Nothing short of getting your hair cut is going to fix split ends, but you can use serums to soften the cuticle and temporarily mask the problem. Nourishing the hair with treatments and using a leave-in conditioner can also calm split ends and prevent future splitting.
Have your hair trimmed approximately every six weeks to keep splits under control and always protect your hair from over blow-drying, the sun and over-processing colouring.

4. cellulite

There’s no magic solution to make cellulite completely disappear – however you can reduce its appearance.
Start eating a sensible diet that includes plenty of water. When skin loses water, cellulite bumps appear more obvious, so cut back on food and drinks that contain salt and caffeine which dehydrate.
Skin brushing also helps break down fat in toxin-laden tissue and improve the body’s lymphatic draining system and blood flow. With a natural bristle brush or exfoliating gloves, using long upward movements, start at the feet and work up the body. You can also try Marine algae body treatments which detoxify, increase circulation and elimination in the skin and help breakdown fatty, bumpy deposits. For a quick fix, fake tan can reduce the appearance of cellulite by evening out your skin tone.

5. flat, lifeless hair

Give flat hair a lift by creating volume. Next time you get your hair cut, ask your hairdresser for layers, as they can give your hair instant volume.
To create volume at home, tip your head upside down and run your fingers through your hair as you blow-dry to give the roots lift. When you tip your head back, continue to blow-dry without brushing and you’re hair will appear much thicker.
To get extra oomph, apply a volumising mousse on the root area only. Don’t use any other products in the rest of your hair – too much stuff will overload your strands and make your hair fall flat.

6. brittle nails

Get into the habit of rubbing moisturiser into your cuticles and nails after you wash your hands – they’ll look better and instantly feel stronger.
Brittle nails are usually the result of a diet that insufficient in vitamins and minerals. Drink your milk – it’s full of nail fortifying calcium as well as other nutrients that prevent splitting and re-enforce your diet by taking a multivitamin supplement. Brushing on a hardener also helps to toughen weak spots.

7. frizzes

A great blow-dry can transform even the frizziest hair into healthy looking hair. The trick is to always angle the flow of the air downward to smooth frizz cuticle and finish with a shot of cold air.
If you’re not going to blow-dry, don’t rinse out all your conditioner after you shampoo,” he says. “It will help keep the cuticles of the hair shaft smooth and add extra weight, which also fights frizz.
Finally, if you’re ever caught out without any shine or hair serum, a smidge of hand or body lotion smoothed over the hair will keep frizzies under control.

8. dry skin

First of all, invest in a facial – you’ll be cleansed, exfoliated, massaged and nourished which will get your skin back on track.
When it comes to cleansing, come clean with a soap-free cleanser and only use warm water, hot water dries the skin out. Pat your skin dry straight away to avoid further drying out, then apply a cream that creates a barrier to stop moisture from evaporating.
Keep exfoliating to a minimum and apply a creamy-based mask once a week as a moisture booster.

9. cracked heels

To soften heels and heal cracks, apply a rich moisturiser to your feet, then soak them in really warm water which contains a nourishing oil. Let them soak for 15-20 minutes, then slough off dead skin with a pumice.
If your cracked heels are bad, continue this treatment up to three times a week and then cut back to once every two weeks.

10. chapped lips

Your lips lack sebaceous oil which is the skins natural protector, so they dry out and crack easily, especially in extreme climates.
Use a gentle exfoliant to remove flakey skin from the lips and regularly apply a lip balm that contains a high concentration of bees wax and paraffin wax to protect and soften,” she says. “At night, apply an eye cream on lips and to the surrounding skin to prevent those pucker wrinkles.
{Pic: Porter Magazine}


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