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weekend hair: THE SECRET BRAID

Nikki Yazxhi

weekend hair | the secret braid


at Jennifer Kate’s Spring/Summer 2015/16 and at Coachella, worn by Kate Bosworth

We went behind-the-scenes and found out Hair Director, Marie Cain created the look for Jennifer Kate using Goldwell products… here’s her how-to-do deets:

1. On thick hair apply a generous amount of StyleSign Hot Form styling lotion, to dry hair from roots to ends. On fine hair apply a generous amount of StyleSign Double Boost root lift spray from roots to ends

2. Directionally blow-dry the hair into either a side or middle part (depending on which finish you prefer) and blast dry hair, then mist the same product lightly back through and texture blowdry with a small round brush or very lightly tong with a medium wand, this is to create the right amount of texture to do the remainder steps.

3. Generously spray hair throughout with Dualsenses Ultra Volume Dry Shampoo, this will help to catch the flyways and build a chalky texture

4. Take a section of hair, approximately 4cm wide, that starts in at the top of the crown, and section straight down to the nape. Keep the section very clean and tightly braid down and tie off tightly and neatly at the bottom of the nape.

Take one hand in ponytail position at the bottom of the neck, with your free hand feed the hair into the stationary hand, the detailing of this part is very important as this will allow for hair to be fly-away and soft. Tie hair into ponytail with clear hair tie, secure it a little closer to the nape and then drag down once fastened.

6. Take another tie, place around the first tie once, then half loop through, allow for flyaway and long pieces to fall out, take a very thin piece of hair to wrap around and cover the hair tie, fasten only with a spritz of StyleSign Sprayer to hold.

7. Finish the look by tucking hair behind the ear, pulling pieces of hair out and exaggerating the softness of the look. Spray with StyleSign Big Finish to secure the look, but keeping the soft finish.

For Goldwell stockists, call 1800 506 060 or visit www.facebook.com/goldwellaustralia


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