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Nikki Yazxhi

Whenever we try to make weight-conscious changes to our diets, we tend to focus on changing our meals and snacks — which makes total sense given that we’re usually more able to feel the effects of what we eat (full, uncomfortable) more so than the drinks we have. But the experts are saying we need to keep an eye on what we drink too…

Photo Credit: Vogue.com
“Drinks almost always become an afterthought when thinking about lifestyle changes or weight loss,” says registered dietitian Abby Langer.

“They’re consumed quickly, don’t require chewing and don’t generally contribute to feelings of being full.” But, it’s because of those characteristics that what you drink could be affecting your health and weight-loss goals.

Soft drinks, champagne, wine, even fruit juice, all add on the kiojoules so try to be more mindfull of what you’re sipping. And sports drinks, don’t even go there!!!

We’re not saying you can’t drink something special every now and again… just be more aware of what you’re drinking, and how often.


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