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life advice: HOW TO GET OUT OF A RUT

Nikki Yazxhi

Here are three questions to ask yourself…

Okay, so any given day can have its share of stresses from work hassles {screaming clients, emails going missing} to dinnertime madness {screaming kids, homework battles}. When it seems nothin’s going right exercise some control of the situation by asking these questions:

1. Will this last forever? When you give yourself a dose of ‘this too will pass’ perspective, you’ll feel more energised and in control – and the morning traffic jams and missing socks will be a dim memory.

2.  Can something good come of this? Know that tough situations usually have an upside, whether it’s making you stronger or forcing yourself to treat yourself to something you’ve had your eye on for ages.

3. What have I done to get through awful days? Did you call a friend? Have an impromptu manicure? Recalling past strategies that worked for you can give you an edge to banishing bad feelings.

{Pic: Porter}