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These messy choppy bangs {fringe} – which we’re seriously crushing – might be it!

We’re loving Behati Prinsloo’s Instagram pic of her chopped fringe, so much so, we’re considering getting a fringe again! Tapered à la Marianne Faithfull, rumpled like Bardot’s face-framing pieces, and with just enough Jane Birkin–esque unevenness it seems like she’s cut it herself. {Caroline De Maigret does! The quintessential French girl notes that bangs are a quick way to balance features, hide fine lines and add a jolt of rock and roll into your look.} Loving!

And the trick: is to leave the fringe almost too long that you can’t see out of your eyes. The Bardot factor comes when “you can just push it out of the way and let it fall naturally to the side.

Thinking about a fringe now, aren’t you? Okay, before you start chopping, consider these 3 points!

1. your lifestyle

A fringe is high-maintenance. Committing to one means you must commit to styling it, that means waking up early, battling the weather and of course getting it out of your face when needed. Make sure you really want a fringe, or you’ll end up in headband limbo for a long time.

2. not all fringes are equal

Take into consideration your lifestyle when talking to your stylist about the type of bangs you want. There are many to choose from. Blunt, heavy bangs look great on thick hair while soft and feathered bangs are good for finer wisps. Also think about if you want a style that is straight across or side swept. Note that the side bangs are more low-maintenance and tend to be easier to grow out, should you want to change your style.

3. hair texture

Again, consult with your stylist about your desired look. If you have super curly hair and a cowlick, maybe a fringe is not for you. Your stylist can make for the best recommendation. It’s a good idea to get some inspiration from celebrities and models who have a similar texture to yours, that way you can show your stylist what you like or dislike about a look.

Let is know if you do it!!!!

{Source: Style Noted}


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