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Nikki Yazxhi

clever concealing tips


here’s the inside scoop on disguising just about any blemish:

UNDER EYE CIRCLES To brighten sleep-starved eyes, choose a concealer two or three shades lighter than your skin but in the same colour family {either yellow- or red-based} as your natural tone. Creamy formulas work best. Using a brush, start at the inner corner, then go under the eye close to the lashes. Use your finger to pat it in. For severe, baby-was-teething-all-night bags, pat on a peach or orange corrector {anything with an orange undertone will cancel out veiny blueness} before applying concealer.
BLEMISHES To avoid flaking and crusting, moisturise blemished skin with an oil-free lotion. If you use foundation, apply it before concealer, then choose a cover-up that truly matches your skin. Most important, look for a dense, toothpasty kind of formula. Use a small brush to apply it directly to the spot, then pat around the edges with your finger to blend. For zits so bad you’re tempted to call in sick, first use a green neutraliser to tone down the redness, then put skin-coloured concealer on top.
DARK SPOTS When dealing with hyper-pigmentation {caused mainly by sun damage or hormonal changes}, you need industrial-strength concealer, highly pigmented version. Find a shade the exact colour of your skin – if you use something lighter, the dark spots turn gray and are more noticeable. For perfect coverage, tap concealer precisely onto the dark area with a brush, then blend around the edges. Resist the urge to pile it on as a little goes a long way and really clings to the skin.
CONCEALER SHOPPING TIP When testing concealer colours, step outside into natural sunlight with a mirror to ensure that the shade blends seamlessly into your skin. Fluorescent store lights can be deceiving.
{Pic: The Zoe Report}


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