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beauty insider: HOW TO GROW OUT A BOB

Nikki Yazxhi

GROWING OUT YOUR HAIR CAN BE FRUSTRATING… Nikki went to Franck Provost’s hair guru, Alize Micard for a cut {yes cut}, colour & tips on growing out her bob. The result, happy hair …

If you’ve watched Nikki over the years, you would have noticed she always has a ‘hair project’ on the go. When she has long hair, she wants shorter hair – and vice versa. She took the plunge and had it chopped into a bob {the best thing she did for her chemical-tortured ends} but since then she’s been back to growing it! Nikki booked in with hair guru, Alize Micard at Franck Provost, for some major hair help.

the process:

First Alize introduced Nikki to the PIIQ salon mirror which is embedded with technology proven to take your hairdressing experience to a whole new level. It bridges the gap between client and stylist during the all-important consultation. It also enables you to find your celebrity hair match with its facial recognition technology, select the best products for your hair type and style, and share your new look instantly on social media. Plus at the end of your PIIQ experience, the 360 degree camera featuring integrated beauty lighting will capture your new finished look, which will be stored alongside your records ready to refer to on your next salon visit.

After the PIIQ consultation, Alize cut layers into Nikki’s hair to ‘de-bob’ it, coloured it and treated her hair… and the result {scroll down}, Nikki is VERY happy with : ) Scroll to read Alize’s ‘growing out bob’ tips & tricks… and watch this space for more of Nikki’s ‘hair project’…

Alize’s tips for growing out a bob:

As bobs are usually either round or blunt in shape and generally one layer, the best thing to do to change that classic shape is to add some layers. You can just add a few longer layers to break up the shape and give you more flexibility when styling, or add more shorter layers throughout the hair so the shape ends up looking like a modern shag with a cool messy finish. With either of these options you can texturise some pieces of hair with product to create a different tousled shape. Adding a messy fringe will provide a focal point towards the face and away from the bob shape.

– Whilst you might be growing out your bob, you still need to have regular trims to keep your hair in optimum condition. If you have split ends and don’t get them cut off, they can split all the way to your roots – yes this CAN happen.

– A trim and salon treatment such as the Kérastase Fusio Dose every 6-8 weeks will also help keep the ends of the hair healthy. Addressing two hair concerns at once, the results are immediate.

– Home care is key for healthy hair. When your hair is healthy, it grows better and quicker. At-home masks and treatments should be done at least once a week. 

– Kérastase recently launched an amazing new range called Extentioniste, which is designed to strengthen hair so it reaches new healthy lengths. The Extentioniste routine targets roots, lengths and ends. It stimulates the scalp, then gently detangles lengths whilst reinforcing and finally sealing ends for hair that is as full and strong at the tips as it is at the root.

Your hair is fortified to reduce split ends and breakage. There is a salon ritual followed by an at-home regime, including an incredible serum, which has been specifically created to stimulate the scalp to boost hair growth. By using the full home care range (shampoo, treatment, leave-in conditioner and serum) your hair will definitely grow more quickly and in better condition. 

– Opt for a natural dry off and limit the use of hot styling tools such as irons and curling tongs to keep your hair in good condition.

– On the styling front, add some natural beach wave texture to your hair to give your classic bob a sexy wild look. L’Oréal Professionnel Tecni.ARTBeach Waves texturising salt spray is amazing, I love it.

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