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Nikki Yazxhi


Bearing in mind budget constraints and accessibility during these unprecedented times, The Design Paddock, a unique interior design and decorating company has compiled five attainable and cost-effective ways to revamp, uplift and refresh our interiors.

“We have found that while people have been spending extensive periods of time at home, spaces are becoming stale and
aren’t bringing them the joy they once did. Thankfully, there are some simple changes people can make to their interiors that will transform rooms into spaces they love,” says Katrina Garrett, Co-Founder of The Design Paddock.

Here are The Design Paddock’s five achievable ways to refresh your interior without spending a fortune…

#1 – The power of paint

“One of the most effortless ways to reinvigorate and transform a space is a fresh coat of paint,” says Millie Alison, Co-Founder of The Design Paddock. “A spot that’s often overlooked is the hallway or the entry to the home. These areas are important as they connect to the spaces you live in and can set the initial impression of the home. Over
the years, walls, doors and trims can look battered and more commonly adopt marks or cracks. A fresh coat of paint can make the biggest difference here. We recommend a gloss trim paint to contrast against a matt or low sheen wall paint. You’ll be surprised by the impact it can make.” “This doesn’t only apply to the interior. Consider redesigning or repainting your front door or even the garden pots in your entry for a powerful change. This can instantly achieve a more inviting entry,” Millie added.

#2 – Rearrange the furniture

Katrina says “It’s quite common to find that people become too comfortable in their home to realise that a slight re-arrangement could transform a place and in turn, may provide a better layout. Many people tend to use the TV as the centrepiece of the living room, however, this should not be the case. Living rooms should be centred around conversation and comfort.” Katrina suggests that between the warmer and cooler months, there’s an opportunity to rearrange spaces. “Fireplaces are the perfect centrepiece to arrange your furniture around in winter where the television becomes less of a focal point! Also, consider moving your armchair beside a window to create a reading corner or a spot to wind down and enjoy some sun,” she added.

#3 – Switch up your lighting

“Lighting plays a big part in determining the atmosphere and ambience within a room. Considering subtle changes in the home can have a dramatic impact on the way a space feels,” says Millie. “Warm light globes around the home is a must in our books! Furthermore, consider where your lighting is focused and adjust it. You may like to highlight an artwork or incorporate a new feature pendant above your dining table. It is important to note that lighting should be both beautiful and functional; thus, a directional light in a hallway is a great way to not only light up an artwork but will reflect onto the wall and light up the space beautifully. When considering your feature pendant, one should not only love it but include a suitable globe for illuminating the table appropriately when gathering around it in the evenings,” says Millie. “Alternating lighting throughout the house is another way to make spaces feel cosy. Incorporate varying scales and heights in your lighting such as table lamps, floor lamps, wall lights, dimmable ceiling lights and pendants in soft textures to create interest and an overall lovely ambience,” added Millie.

#4 – Reprioritise and de-clutter

Katrina says “With the extra time people are spending at home recently, there is no better time to take charge and rid your home of clutter! Explore new ways to store and conceal possessions in cabinets or boxes and if there isn’t space and you no longer need items, let go. Interiors should feel full but not cluttered. Less is more!”

“Organising the bookshelves can bring life to a forgotten area. It’s always good to start with larger items such as bowls, jugs or artwork — this will help achieve the right scale and balance. Books are a beautiful inclusion to an interior. Try stacking books in varying directions on the shelf to add interest. Most importantly, the bookshelves are a reflection of your life and style. Add your treasured keepsakes on top of piled books – different heights can help balance your shelf styling,” said Katrina.

#5 – Reinvigorate with soft furnishings

Millie says “Soft furnishings present an opportunity to incorporate colour, texture or pattern to a space without the intensive labour! Millie suggests softening your bedroom with a rug beneath the end of your bed, introducing a bedhead, recovering a chair or new throw cushions. Deciding on your favourite fabric can often be difficult, particularly if you can’t afford your favourite. “Be clever with the way you use your fabric. A cost-effective way of achieving a similar result may be to upholster the back of your cushions or bedhead with an affordable plain fabric,” says Millie. “I’ve also previously chosen beautiful tea towels or fabric cuttings and framed them for affordable art,” she added.

About The Design Paddock

Launched in 2015, The Design Paddock was co-founded by Katrina Garrett and Millie Alison; two creative friends turned business partners that have together created a unique interior design and decorating company revamping the interior landscape for people in the bush and beyond. The Design Paddock have established a captive audience by filling a gap in the market to transform homes, restaurants, pubs, wineries and accommodation in rural and remote areas into spaces people love.

The Design Paddock offers a range of interior design and decorating services that can be found on their website www.thedesignpaddock.com.au
+ follow them at instagram.com/thedesignpaddock