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Nikki Yazxhi

we chatted to founder Kirsten Walker about candles, how we hate having our photo taken, Christmas, chaos and the other C-word, Covid.

A candid chat today with Kirsten and Annabel Robinson from Elise Garland PR, who btw, are celebrating their 25th anniversary… enjoy!

+ we also asked Kirsten the bellamumma q’s to find out a little more about her:

You, in three words? Aries, Lover, Mumma

What inspires you? The ocean and nature. I am lucky enough to live in the most inspiring places in the world. My family & friends are a constant inspiration too.

What’s your work title? Eeekk we still haven’t given ourselves official titles. It’s on the list for 2021.

What was your first-ever job? My first job was as a corporate travel agent, which didn’t last long. I eventually ended up in the Fashion Industry.

What did you want to be ‘when you were little’? I always wanted to be a fashion designer. I nearly got there, I ended up as a fashion buyer for 10 years before I started Palm Beach Collection.

How did ‘Palm Beach Collection’ come about? My Dad worked in the wax industry for years and years. He saw how much money I was spending on candles and finally said to my brother & I “you should start a candle brand” We were very naïve, which was a blessing in disguise. If we knew how hard it would be we probably wouldn’t have ever started it. We quit our jobs and started the business within about 6 months.

Explain your usual day? I exercise in the morning so I am normally up at 5 am, it sounds crazy I know but it’s the best party of the day. I get back home at 6.15 am with a latte in my hand and everyone is still asleep. We are on the road to school at around 8 am. I’m normally sitting at my desk by 8.15 am. I spend most of my days at the office (thanks Covid). I always like to pick my kids up from school which is 3 pm. The rest of the afternoon is a game of soccer or basketball with the kids, homework and then dinner. If I have to answer an email or take a phone call my kids understand now.

What ‘makes your day’? I am very lucky to have a great career but also be present with my kids. I love going to work, but I also love coming home to my babies.

Three things in your life you can’t live without? Family, friends and the beach.

4 fave songs on your playlist? This could be embarrassing… eek!
Beyond – Leon Bridges
Drinking in La – Bran Van 3000
Circles – Post Malone
One Dance – Drake

Fave place to escape to? Lord howe Island. We went to Lord Howe Island for a family holiday last year. It’s the most spectacular, peaceful & grounding place I have ever been to. It’s not for everyone as there isn’t much wifi. For us, it was a forced digital detox.

What’s your favourite time of the day? Early morning before the craziness happens.

How do you relax? Gardening is my go-to for relaxation. I know that sounds a bit weird but it’s a real de-stressor for me.

The best piece of life advice you’ve received? Lead by example.

What will you be doing 5 years time? Hopefully more travel! I am really missing this. I am very lucky to love what I do, so I am would be happy with more of the same!


The Pam Beach Collection is now available online and from selected stockists,
for more details visit palmbeachcollection.com.au
and follow instagram.com/palmbeachcollection