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Yasemin Trollope

On the list of awkward conversations, death is right up there. I should know, since leaving a career as a beauty and health editor to start my own funeral business,
I’ve seen ‘that’ look a thousand times…

I get it. Death is confronting and morbid and bleak and kind of scary. It’s the type of thing you don’t ever think about until you’re forced to. Until it smacks you across the face with its raw, crippling punch that stops your life in its tracks and changes everything.

But what if you did start thinking more about death? What if you started leaning in to the idea that this inevitable experience is going to happen to you one day, and using that knowledge to fuel your passions, face your fears, live with meaning and seek your higher purpose while you have the chance.

I can speak from experience. As a Funeral Guide I’ve had to completely surrender to death, lean into my fears around it and eventually, embrace it as a natural progression of life. But in doing so I’ve inadvertently gained strength, released deep-seeded patterns and come to the life-changing realisation that there’s almost nothing in life you can control, so you may as well surrender.

I’ve learned that facing your biggest fears and letting them go creates space for more positive things in your life, while accepting that death will come your way is the best fuel for your heart’s burning desires. Embracing death can plant the seeds of purpose and helps you live a life filled with intention, meaning and gratitude – all things we need more of in life.

So how can you embrace death? Start thinking about it; talking about it. Start bringing it out of the shadows and into the light. Start leaning into your fears, questioning your thought processes and ‘beliefs’ around death. Ask questions, seek answers, educate yourself. Pre-plan your funeral – something I believe to be a true gift to your family – and talk to your loved ones about what they want to happen when their time comes. Be kind, go gently, stay open.

You see… it’s not awkward at all.


Yasemin Trollope
ABOUT: Yasemin Trollope is the Founder and Head Funeral Guide at Rite of Passage Funerals, an enlightened funeral experience based on the Gold Coast in Australia. She is passionate about empowering families to take back control of the dying process and offers unique services filled with love, intention, ritual and ceremony.

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