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by bM’s well-being contributor, {and the very gorgeous} Natalie Kringoudis

This article was brought to my attention during the week. It shared about one young girls horrible struggle with endometriosis – an issue us chicks are no strangers to. Not long after I saw a call to action to sign a petition to have Visanne – a drug to help ‘manage’ (aka symptoms) Endometriosis, begging for it to be made available here in Australia asap. My heart broke. I personally suffered from endometriosis for many years. I was that girl lying on the bathroom floor. I was that girl who would vomit and pass out in a hot sweat due to the pain. I was that girl who lived on heavy painkillers for the first 2, sometimes 3 days of my menstrual cycle. I was that girl who felt like my uterus was being ripped out each and every month. True to my word, I hated my period with a passion. I hated it because I knew no young girl should ever have to experience such pain. Ever. And so with the same amount of angst, I understand both that young girl and her mothers heartache in that article. Watching our loved ones suffer is nothing short of torture. For me, watching others suffer when they can actually do something proactive and extremely effective… heartbreaking. Waiting for treatments to be available – really? What are we actually waiting for if we want to be the best version of ourselves?
I have to say, as I type, I feel pretty darn frustrated. For all the work we are doing, for all the drums we are drumming, I wish the message of happy hormones would spread like the clappers to end the torture. Instantly, it would help us to start to love our bodies so much more, because we’d be closer to living toward wellness and we’d be for the most part, pain free. Seems, this message isn’t spreading fast enough.
Endometriosis occurs when cells that belong in the uterus make their way into other areas of the body uninvited – typically outside (but nearby) the uterus. However as endometriosis worsens it can spread as far the nose (cue nosebleeds at the period time – another sweet little sign our bodies show us when things go awry). Each month when we menstruate, our uterine lining easily makes it’s way out through the cervix and vagina. But here’s the thing, those same cells that have migrated outside of the uterine cavity want to do the same, the only difference being, they don’t necessarily have an easy exit and as a result terrible pain and cramping is common. This can over time, lead to scarring linked to fertility issues. Endometriosis is incredibly stubborn and more than likely a laparascopy may be the only option on offer to remove the endometrial tissue – a procedure I’m not opposed to however, let’s get clearer if I may. If a woman continues along with the same lifestyle post surgery, of course the endometriosis will most likely return. The age old saying, do nothing, nothing changes aptly applies.
But there’s hope. In fact, we must act and of course we can make our own way towards finding a true cure for these conditions without surgery or medications that typically come with a bucket full of side effects. Beautifully the same diet and lifestyle I advocate for post surgery is the same as what I’d suggest all women, endometriosis or not should follow – just search my website! Ultimately, it’s all about happy hormones and since endometriosis is worsened by oestrogen and influence of oestrogen mimicking substances (like alcohol, plastics, environmental pollutants, self care products, poor water quality and other toxins found in our foods) – we’ve spilled them beans on that here and we must get savvy around our choices to pave our own way toward better hormone health. Bottom line is, if you don’t, nobody else will do it for you. Ultimately your wellbeing lies with just you.
So I have to ask the question – why the heck aren’t we taught this stuff? Why does it sit secondary to potentially risky surgery? What I advocate for every single day isn’t woo woo, or hocus pocus, it’s plain, simple common sense that is being pushed to the side as we continue to jump to conclusions and work ourselves backwards rather than forwards. Starting at surgery (for most) and working back from there personally seems a little shot gun-esque. When you go to your specialist, who’s asking why the endometriosis is there in the first place? Who’s advocating to treat the root cause rather than symptoms? Because you can go in and remove as much Endometriosis from the body ask you like, the only way forward in overcoming illness is to actually look at the crux of the matter. Treating symptoms or simply removing the Endo as I’ve said time and time again only has you resembling a dog chasing your tail. Laparascopy or not, the same changes must be made. If you continue with the same diet and lifestyle, you can’t expect miracles.
There are some pretty simple changes that must be made to overcome Endometriosis.
Here’s those at the top of my list;
Remove stress. So much so – I created an entire event around it and the pre-sale for Debunking Stress can now be purchased. I’m at my whits end with stress. There is actually no excuse – we can all manage stress better and we must start immediately. When the body becomes stressed, it contracts. We all hold stress in various areas and for some women that will be immediately in our reproductive organs. Quite simply when we restrict blood flow (by holding stress in an are i.e. a stiff neck), the muscle will contract, blood and nutrient flow will be minimised and the body suffers and begins doing whacking things to try and cope with the pressure you’re subjecting it to.
Find your therapy. For me it is Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture. Sometimes we need some specific tweaking and the longer we leave stress and poor diet unattended, the more it will take it’s toll. My clinic The Pagoda Tree specialises in treating conditions like Endometriosis. We have a team ready to help you seriously take control and treat the root cause, not just the effects of Endo.
Castor Oil packs. If you’re not familiar with them don’t worry, I’m going to come back and share a little more about them and their benefits in the coming weeks. My late Nana one had a race with me as to who could lose their ugly wart first, by the use of applying castor oil daily. Castor oil penetrates and dissolves masses, it helps relax the body and can be used to break up the stagnation that occurs with endometriosis. Just call me the Cathy Freeman of wart races. Possibly needless to say, I won.
Change your diet. I talk a lot about this through the blog and in both my e-courses. A good diet is paramount. You can’t put soft drink in a car and expect it to run (although coke-a-cola does resemble rocket fuel it seems – it’s known as the best degreaser going, good enough to clean truck engines! Yikes). Your body is no different and if you aren’t paying your body the love and respect it deserves with nourishment, you’re a fool for thinking it will take good care of you. Only YOU can control what you put in your mouth.
Remove toxins. Ditch plastic bottles and containers, overhaul your body products (conventional items contain up to 80% of harmful ingredients doing direct damage to your hormones as they enter you blood stream), verse yourself on how much alcohol is ok, why soy is so very bad for your lady bits and how certain foods can help to calm down your oestrogen levels. Sleep for wellness, exercise for health and you’re well on your way toward curing your endometriosis.
Learn pain management. There are some brilliant techniques to help manage pain in the interim. Check out some methods like emotional freedom technique (EFT), meditation, affirmations (many of these I speak about in debunking stress). Focusing on pain will only make it 100 times worse, learning how to divert your energy elsewhere is positively effective.
Above all, know that with the right care and support Endometriosis is a absolutely a treatable condition. The pill or other medications may offer you some short term relief, but truly healing from Endo comes with identifying the root cause which will differ for all women. Healing the body through diet and lifestyle is a must (surgery or not) to properly free yourself from it’s wraps.

What’s your experience been with Endo? Have you healed yourself or are you at your whits end with it all? We’d love to hear your brief story below and get some discussion going around this topic so we can create more awareness around being the best version of ourselves to thrive.
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