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weekend hair: PERFECT WAVES

Nikki Yazxhi

how to create perfect waves


Kevin Murphy, star stylist, creator of Kevin.Murphy hair products and master of ‘mussed-up’ styles explains how all hair types can create the perfect wave…

NATURALLY WAVY HAIR Wash hair and sleep on it to create gentle waves and settle frizz. If you need extra lift the next morning, dab a volumiser onto the root area or a product designed to enhance wavy hair to the mid-lengths. Then take random chunks of hair near the face and wrap it around a curling iron to create different waves. Wind the hair away from your hairline so it falls on the face with height.
FINE, STRAIGHT HAIR Apply a volumising mousse and blow-dry hair upside down to give volume, then toss hair back and apply an oil-free forming cream. Using small-sized hot rollers, wind hair around and under the roller. Remove rollers when they have completely cooled down. Don’t touch your hair until it’s cool, even if the curls seem poodle-like, they will relax. This process helps the style last, if you touch it too early it will become limp. To maintain curls, mist with a little aerosol spray.
COURSE, STRAIGHT HAIR The best way to achieve waves for this hair type is to start with a layered cut, especially around the face. Apply a gel or mousse to wet hair and wind hair down and under regular size Velcro rollers. Allow hair to dry naturally for 15 minutes then blow-dry for five minutes. Leave to cool, then take out rollers to release bouncy curls. Use a hot iron curler to enhance tendrils around the face.
CURLY HAIR After washing, apply a straightening balm and blow-dry. Brush completely dry hair for five minutes to smooth and pin it back into a bun. Use bobby pins, as an elastic band will leave an indentation. This stretches the curl out and eliminates frizz. Leave hair as long as you can, the longer, the better. Finish by wrapping random sections around a curling iron to create a few well-defined waves.
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