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weekend home retreat: day 1 – FRIDAY

Nikki Yazxhi

Take one weekend to indulge in total you-time and follow our home re-treat guide – by Monday you’ll be re-vitalised, re-energised and re-focused…

relax - friday

friday night

6pm SWITCH OFF… Turn off your mobile, put the answering machine on, and don’t even think about checking your emails.

6:35pm LEARN TO BREATHE… Most people take shallow ‘stress breaths’ that only use a tenth of their lung capacity which can contribute to feeling so tired all the time.
Do this three-minute exercise to relax muscles and release stress: Lie back, eyes closed, and exhale slowly and completely through your nose. Don’t force the breath. Rest a hand on your belly and feel it swell as you inhale slowly and deeply through your nose. Observe and feel the breath reach your collarbones. Exhale deeply. Repeat 10 times.

7pm CREATE DINNER… Aim for a balanced meal of protein, 1 cup of carbs (rice, pasta, grains) and as many fresh vegetables as you want to give your body all the nutrients it needs.

8.30pm UNWIND… Soak in a warm bath with two cups of sea salt, which is a rich source of trace elements, to relax and de-stress the muscles. Totally bliss out by burning some orange-blossom oil which is an antidepressant and has a calming effect on your nervous system.

9:30pm CHILL OUT… Drink herbal tea before bed. Chilling out before bed helps you sleep better and feel more energised the next day. Once you’re ‘chilled’, hop into bed for an early night.

Stay tuned for your Saturday schedule – posted tomorrow!

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