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weekend hair: the 2-SECOND PONYTAIL upgrade

Deborah Grevett

and Deborah from Papillon hair explains it’s easier than you think!

You just gather your hair into a ponytail then secure with an elastic band, then take a strand of hair from the pony and wrap it around your hair elastic, then secure with a bobby pin – concealing it in the base of the ponytail.

2-second ponytail upgrade

Need more how-to-do’s? Here are Deborah’s tricks:
Choose your elastic wisely. That rounded elastic you bought from a drugstore works fine for any old ponytail. But this isn’t any old ponytail. Pick up a flat elastic to keep the wrapped hair from bulging.
Pick up a small piece. Don’t get crazy—you only need to take a half-inch section of hair from the underside of the ponytail. Any more and you’ll remove volume from the tail. If your hair is fine, tease the underside before wrapping it completely around the ponytail base to keep it from slipping away.
Get the right bobby pin. Which actually means no bobby pins at all. Standard ones are too long and poke out the other side (at that point, the magic is lost). Instead, you need two one-and-three-quarter-inch hairpins. Insert one through the wrap from the top right corner to the lower left corner and another on the opposite side. The pins should form an X shape underneath your elastic.

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