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Nikki Yazxhi

weekend hair

that was created for Australian womenswear label Aje…

To achieve the Aje / Bardot-esque ponytail, follow Goldwell’s Dale Delaporte’s step-by-step styling and Kate McQuitty’s colour-work instructions {or take them to your hairdresser} below:

the ponytail styling…

* Create a natural centre part with your fingers, apply StyleSign Power Whip evenly throughout the hair and blast dry to 90% maintaining the part, and directing front hairline toward the face when drying.

* Part the hair horizontally, mid-way behind the ear in a curve shape and follow through to the nape of the neck, leaving approximately 2cms free around the hairline.

* Take this bottom section and tie into a secure ponytail at the occipital bone. Lightly backcomb the mid-lengths and ends of the pony, wrap into a bun and secure to the base of the nape. This will serve as a volumising filler later in the style.

* Use bobby pins to attach the coloured weft around the bun and secure tightly.

* Dry remaining hair with a medium sized round brush paying attention to the ends, as well as the root direction around the face. Root lift should be natural, with some body through mid-lengths and ends. Be sure to blow-dry a natural movement into the hair to assist tonging.

* Using a 3cm curling tong, heat sections in a random shaped but consistently dense pattern, directing hair away from the face.

* Allow to cool and then run a wide tooth comb through to break up the style, add StyleSign Naturally Full and gently backcomb for extra volume and lift.

* Loosely pull hair back at the chin and secure with a loose tie, there will need to be a moderate amount of give in the elastic to enable altering of the shape and texture of the style.

* Delicately pull loose hair above the ears and letting those natural, shorter hairs around the face fall away from the bulk of the hair to create a slightly ‘undone’ finish

* Lightly spray with StyleSign Magic Finish to hold the style.

the perfect colour directions…

* Take an 18 inch weft and carefully distort the middle part to prepare for balayage.

* Using Goldwell Colorance, have the darkest colour ready to do first and apply the colour evenly and precisely paying attention to create a natural looking meld line.

* Once the colour has developed, rinse with Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo and towel dry.

* Prepare the lighter colour, apply to the weft where needed and then process again

* When ready, remove the colour product and shampoo and condition using Dualsenses Color Fade Stop Shampoo and Dualsenses Color Detangling Conditioner.

* Dry the weft to 70% and apply StyleSign Power Whip mousse to give the weft some hold and blow-dry in.

{Source: Goldwell}


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