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wednesday wisdom: EMBRACE YOUR FLAWS

Nikki Yazxhi

wednesday wisdom


She’s beautiful, stylish and very, very French, she’s also Lancôme’s Parisian Muse and co-author of How to Be Parisian Wherever You Are + she has the best advice…

Caroline’s philisophy / advice {that we love so much}:

Embrace your flaws: “Some people seem to put their fantasy of ‘the ideal woman’ onto the Parisian woman, while the Parisian woman doesn’t have an ideal. Maybe the key is to let go and be ok with who you are rather than fantasising about perfection. You can’t be perfect. You will only end up always frustrated in life. I have a big nose and that’s ok. As long as I’m ok with it, people won’t see it as a bad thing. I’ll balance it with more eye make-up! Play with who you are. I like that about Parisian women.”


{Source: Vogue}



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