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try this tonight : BATH YOGA

Nikki Yazxhi

try this tonight | bath yoga


try these relaxing yoga moves for all the ‘blissful bath benefits’, without the boredom

These relaxing Ki Yoga moves – a Japanese form of yoga based on energy fields which run through the whole body – have been developed for bathtime by Ki Yoga Instructor, Janie Larmour.

Run a warm bath, sprinkle in your favourite aromatherapy oil {I love Neroli}, and gently begin…

bath yoga move 1:

“This opens heart energy to bring joy, power, compassion and creativity into your life,” says Larmour. “It’s also good for blood pressure, relieving tightness between the shoulder blades and stiffness in the chest.”

HOW TO: Hold hands in prayer position, with the whole hand pressed together, elbows level with wrists, heel of hands in line with heart. Exhale and push the elbow to one side, keeping it forward of the other one (don’t let it come back toward shoulder). Inhale back to centre and exhale to other side. Repeat side to side 10-20 times

bath yoga move 2:

“Developed to bring power and strength to the body, mind and soul, this move relieves mental fatigue, weakness and the feeling of powerlessness – especially if overworked,” she says. “It’s also great for bat wings (floppy triceps) and regulates blood pressure and circulation.”

HOW TO: Sit sideways in bath and push palms out straight at shoulder height, fingers pulled back toward shoulders. Imagine you’re pushing two walls away sideways, pull fingers back strongly and exhale as you push the energy out the heel of the hands. You’ll feel a dull ache through the arm. You can extend this further by making small circles from the shoulders as you exhale. Repeat circles in both directions.

Relax in the bath a little more, then get out slowly, pat yourself dry and apply your body moisturiser while you’re still damp.


For more information on Zen Ki Yoga, visit www.thecentreofyoga.com

{Pic: Who What Wear}


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