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Nikki Yazxhi


JUST 14 DAYS… well, you can!

Nikki tries the very-latest in high-performing skincare and is amazed by the results + you have the chance to get in on the anti-ageing action too!

If you’re like me {a-hem, over 40 and noticing a few more wrinkles} you pay special attention to any new anti-ageing information or products… anything that will help keep you looking as ‘young as you feel’, right? Well, listen up, I’m onto the very latest anti-wrinkle ‘warrior’…
After 10 years of research, L’Oréal has created Stimulift technology to stimulate the production of your skin’s eight natural lifters to plump and firm your skin from within. {Did you know… from age 40, the production of these ‘lifters’ can slow down and no longer ensure the skin’s natural plumping action: wrinkles settle, your skin loses its firmness. But, don’t panic, there is good news!} L’Oreal’s new high-performing Revitalift anti-wrinkle + firming Day Cream addresses this problem immediately, leaving the skin toned and smoothed. After using it for just a couple of weeks you’ll notice wrinkles are visibly reduced and your skin will become firmer. Sound amazing, yes? Which is why I wanted to try it…

my Revitalift #14daychallenge results

DAY 1:  I had read about Revitalift in a magazine a while ago, before starting this challenge, so I had a good idea what the product was created to deliver. The beauty editor who wrote about it, raved about it, so I was excited to try it for myself. The Day Cream contains Pro-Retinol A, a powerful anti-wrinkle ingredient known to stimulate skin cell renewal, so I knew the ‘gushing’ about the product ‘had legs’. The promise: “Immediately, skin is more beautiful, toned and smoothed. Day after day, skin looks younger.” Okay, here we go {I’ve matched up my ‘lines’ to the wrinkle-reader card to between an ‘8’ & ‘7’}…

DAY 7: It’s only been seven days but my skin does look plumper – and some of my fine lines are much softer. {On the wrinkle-reader card, I think I’m about a ‘5’!}  It’s a subtle change, but I can notice it and I had a compliment that confirmed my observations. A friend said she liked my make-up and asked what foundation I was using – I wasn’t wearing any make-up!

DAY 14: I’m very happy with my results, on the wrinkle-reader card, I’m between a ‘3’ and ‘2’, which is pretty impressive! Watch for more of my results…

* Your turn to try L’Oreal’s Revitalift 14 Day Challenge

pick of trial kit 1
L’Oreal is giving away 50 Revitalift packs to bellaMUMMA readers… 
The pack contains: everything you need for the 14 Day Challenge + two lucky readers will have the chance to show-off their #14daychallenge progress on bellaMUMMA – just like I did! {Winners will be notified by email.}
For your chance to WIN a pack and be in the running to appear on bellaMUMMA, simply fill out your details below, and stand by…

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This post was done in collaboration with L’Oreal Paris.
{*bellaMUMMA only collaborates with brands and products she would recommend to her friends!}


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