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now here’s what I think about using Elvive’s Extraordinary Oils for
the last couple of months…

Since its launch in 2013, L’Oreal Paris Elvive Extraordinary Oil has become a beauty must-have. Google the product name and you’ll find a long list of beauty insider and celebrity fans. The reason… it’s rich, non-greasy, light formula intelligently adapts according to the needs of each and every individual hair type, bringing out it’s natural beauty naturally.
elvive oils copy
There are three Extraordinary Oils in the range: the Extraordinary Oil For All Hair Types, the Extraordinary Oil Ultra Light for Fine hair – specifically designed for fine to normal hair; and the Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich for Dry or Damaged Hair – specifically designed for dry or damaged hair.
I use all three oil, for different reasons and purposes, and because my hair is pretty fried. You could do the same or you could find a favourite and go with that… they all are amazing!
elvive colour


here’s how I use my
Elvive Extraordinary oils…

I USE Extraordinary Oil for All Hair Types when I get my hair coloured/bleached: Before I go to my hairdresser I put a little oil through the ends of my hair to protect it while my roots are being coloured/bleached. It helps protect any lap-over and gives my ends a ‘treat’ while the bleach is ‘processing’!
elvive shampoo
I USE Extraordinary Oil Extra Rich before and after I was my hair: I gently massage a little in my hair from the mid-lengths down before I wash with Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo and condition with
Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner. Then I towel-dry it and put a little more through the ends while it’s still damp.
The oils have a clever mix of active ingredients that nourish, softnen and add shine – all without weighing it down, so you don’t have to worry about your hair becoming limp and greasy.
elvive style

I USE Extraordinary Oil Ultra Light when I straighten, curl or heat style my hair:
 This spray-on oil just gives my hair a moisture/shine boost {ie. gets rid of that crunchy/crispy look that bleached hair can get when heat styling.} I sprasy a little on before I style, then a smidge more on the ends when I’ve finished. Even though I already have oil in my hair – this just gives it a silky, invisible veil that also helps protect it from daily aggressers pollution, UV and more.
+ Another thing worth mentioning: You know how you can find the most amazing product but you just can’t stomach the scent, especially all day! {I’ve found that with a few hair products!} Well, don’t have to worry about it with these oils. You will love this scent – it’s top notes include: light, fruity notes of mango, nectarine and black currant awaken the senses… the middle notes are: sweet, sugary notes of strawberry, the most delectable of fruits… and the base is: spicy, with oriental notes of cedar, sandalwood and patchouli. Plus they’re kick-arse products, the entire range, not just the oils, are great!

 the shopping deets

The entire new L’Oréal Paris Extraordinary Oil haircare range consists of:
* Elvive Extraordinary Oil Shampoo – $5.95 (250ml) and $13.95 (700ml)
* Elvive Extraordinary Oil Conditioner – $5.95 (250ml) and $13.95 (700ml)
* Elvive Extraordinary Oil Mask – $9.95
* Elvive Extraordinary Oil in Normal, Ultra-Light and Extra-Rich Formulations – $19.95

… and is available from selected pharmacies, supermarkets, variety and department stores
stockists number: 1300 659 259.

Visit www.ExtraordinaryHair.com.au for more extraordinary details.


This post was done in collaboration with L’Oreal Paris.
{*bellaMUMMA only collaborates with brands and products she would recommend to her friends!}


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