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Sure, it’s not as relaxing flying with children as travelling kid-free, but you can still have an amazing trip with the babes in tow.

by  our kids + lifestyle contributor, Sarah Harrison

When boarding a flight I’m always so amazed to see people’s reactions. Some people may roll their eyes and look so devastated that they have to share “their flight” with children close by, but the reality is, tough luck. I figure they can save up and travel First Class next time if they really dislike children so much.

Here’s some of my tips, that I’ve learnt first hand:

* As far as the actual flight goes, especially long haul flights, try and book with an airline known for being family friendly. Bassinets, meals and TV screens can really help keep the babes comfortable and it’s nice to not have to open your wallet every time you require some water!

* If you’re travelling on a budget airline then having an iPad filled with children’ shows and movies is a good back up, as is having some colouring in activities and books in your hand luggage.

* During take off and landing let younger children/toddlers drink from a cup or bottle to encourage swallowing. This will help ease any discomfort they may have caused by the changing air pressure in the cabins.

* If possible try and choose a night flight when your babes will naturally be tired and more likely to sleep. Keep in mind that they’re not going to sleep for as long as they normally would on a flight (who does?) so try and be prepared for that! It’s also really important to remember that kids have every right to go on a holiday too.

* Do not worry about the people around you. Just try and relax and keep your babes as comfortable as possible. If you get stressed, your kids will get stressed, it’s as simple as that.

* Airlines don’t charge for car seats, strollers and bassinets to be checked-in, however if you can arrange to have these at your destination (through your hotel or friends) then I would recommend it, only because it is so annoying having to cart everything around. (Of course, it can be done, I’ve done it many times).

Flying for most adults is uncomfortable so you can only imagine how boring it is for children, especially if they don’t understand why they’re being cooped up for so long. Hopefully, with a little preparation, you and the babes can sit back, relax and enjoy your flight!



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